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Rosie Clayton

Dorothy Rosalyn Clayton (a.k.a. Rosie)

"Being a demon doesn't stop you from being sexiest bitch in the room."
  Rosie Clayton is a Shade and part of the infamous Assassin Team that works for Vahit. She is also Jérémie Aumerle's ex.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Physical Appearance

Rosie is a gorgeous woman with long, wavy locks of blonde hair and fair skin. She fits the mold of a conventionally attractive young woman in the 30's, with a soft face and an hourglass figure. She is always wearing heavy make up including her bright red lipstick.

Shade Form

Rosie's shade form is a slender, bipedal cat monster with a cheshire-cat-like smile. Her horns are wide and short, resembling the ears of a cat. On her hands and feet are claws that are longer and shaper than the average shade, and she has a thick cat-like tail.


Rosie likes to dress in expensive clothes and show off her figure. She has two go to outfits. Her 30's look was a slim, red, strapless dress that reached her thighs, and glossy rose red heels. Her modern look is more involved with a dark striped dress with frills at the end, dark leggings, and a red cropped jacket with a matching newsboy cap. She still wears those classic heels.

Special abilities

Her special shade power gives her the ability to merge into shadows and travel through them. She can dive through a dark shadow like the surface of water and disappear completely in it, able to sneak up and surprise attack people. She can also pull other shades into the shadows with her.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Show spoiler

Human Life

Rosie grew up in the 20s and 30s with out a lot of money. She alwas a beautiful young woman who dreamed of being famous, but when she was running low on cash, she decided to get a job as a sex worker. However, she made the mistake of joining a brothel owned by the mafia, causing her to be indebted to an abusive pimp, who would often yell at and hit the girls.     However Rosie wasn't one to give up so easily. She took up a second job as a singer at a local speak easy, earning a little cash on the side to pay her debt, but this bar was also home to a lot of its own shady patrons. There was a handsome a young man with strange white hair that came into bar often. He was polite and charismatic, and would talk to Rosie after her performances. She eventually learned his name was Jeremie.  


One of these days, the man didn't come in at his usual time. After her performance was over she headed out into the alley, where she heard gun fire and fighting. When she ran over to investigate, she found a man beaten to death surrounded by broken shards of what looked like glass. She cautiously followed a trail of dark blood until she came across Jeremie, slumped over in an alley, riddled with wounds. She immediately ran over to check if he was alive, and he was, thankfully. She wanted to take him to a hospital, but her refused, so she started tending to his wounds herself, despite his protesting.   She brought him to her apartment to heal up, and asked him what happened. Jeremie told her he was involved in a gang, but he was trying to get out so he could focus on his career as a journalist, but got attacked over it. Rosie admits that she too is in a poor situation with the mob, and that she is afraid of running away for that very reason. Then Jeremie had an idea, and offered to help her run off with his protection. Rosie was unsure ate first, but something about his conviction and confidence stirred her to believe he could really protect her from danger.   Rosie ran from her life as a mafia prostitute with the help of Jeremie, and eventually, the two began dating. Though they were meant to be in hiding, Rosie still wanted to focus on her dream of being a star, so she started performing at other locations. They earned enough money to rent an apartment together, and for a few years, everything was great, outside of the occasional dangerous encounters with the mob.  

Heartbreak & Death

However, everything changed when the unthinkable happened. While out on a date, the two got ganged up by a group of thugs who started a shoot out by the train tracks. Jeremie was shot in the leg and stumbled town into the ditch, landing on the tracts, just as a train came through. When it passed, there was no body to find. The thugs ran off after Jeremie was killed, leaving Rosie behind, devastated.   Days passed, as she didn't want to return home, so she stayed with a friend and grieved. But she knew she would have to return home. She left to go back to the apartment earlier than she had planned, but when she opened that door, she could only stare in shock as on the inside, standing unharmed and rummaging through their now trashed apartment... was Jeremie.   The two of them stood frozen as they stared at each other, eventually, Rosie choked out some words, demanding an explanation. Jeremie, with no where else to run, admits that he faked his own death and was trying to fake a robbery so he could retrieve his belongings. But not only that, he admitted that he was no human, but in fact.. a demon. He tells her that he'd been hiding his true identity from her for years, but the lies piled on and he could no longer keep up, so he planned to fake his death and start over with a new name and life.   Rosie was heartbroken by his betrayal, that he had lied about being a monster this whole time, that he toyed with her emotions, likely just to run off and do the same to some other girl. She stormed out of the apartment in a fit or rage and sorrow.   When Rosie calmed down, she found herself in an unfamiliar part of town, and for the first time in years, with out Jeremie's protection. She found herself being followed by a car, which she tried to ignore at first, and then tried to lose them, but it kept following. She ran towards the dock where she was sure they couldn't follow her, but the men inside got out and gave chase.   She wasn't able to run far before the gunshots when off, and her body was riddled with bullets from machine gun fire. She fell to the cold ground as her vision faded. But in the dark abyss of her dying breaths, she heard a voice. A man introducing himself as Vahit. He spoke to her pitifully about her tragic death, and how if she just was a bit more powerful, she could've finally taken control of her life. But then, he offered her a choice to just that. If she just said yes, he could save her, and grant her the most amazing power imaginable.  

Shade Rebirth

Rosie awoke on that same dock, her wounds gone and her body flowing with power and confidence she'd never felt before. She had become a Shade , and the only thing on her mind was her new desire for violence. She knew just who she was going to take it out on. She filled with a new found confidence, she went hunting for the goons that shot her down, and she used her powers to murder them.   However she was not satisfied just killing a few lackeys, she instead wanted to take this higher, and she enacted her revenge plot against the gang. Her powers made her unstoppable when it came to murdering her way to the top of the chain. She was able to secure herself control over the organization, putting it in the hands of the The Suit of Hearts.   Vahit was impressed by her work and promoted her one of his top officers, eventually giving her a position as a specialized assassin, working with others like Hunter Bryant and Maverick Davidson.



Morality & Philosophy

Rosie grew up around a lot of crime an poverty, where people did what they had to to get by, even if it broke the law. Theft and violence was the norm and something she saw as a valid way to get what you need to survive. She also learned how to manipulate people, and finds no shame in exploiting her body to trick men into giving her what she wants.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Rosie a rather feminine woman who enjoys fashion and make-up. She loves to feel beautiful and get attention from others. She also loves dressing other women up and shopping with them. During weekend nights she likes to hit up clubs and bars and drink, maybe find someone to to hook up with as well.   Despite finding them sexually attractive, Rosie seems to have a distaste for most men. She finds them to be nothing more than dumb, horny pigs with awful personalities, and she'll often not stick around long after meeting with one.

Virtues & Personality perks

"You're a real charmer aren't you. Keep it up and I might have to show you something special underneath this dress."
Rosie is beautiful and charming. She is a master at wooing the opposite sex and manipulating them into giving her what she wants, be it money, info, or simply some action. She's an intelligent woman and is meticulous with her planning, always being two steps ahead of her opponent. She's very socialable and extroverted, often being the initiator of group activities and can keep a conversation going for hours.

Vices & Personality flaws

"You better do as I say, cause if you don't, I'm gonna cut off that tiny dick of yours and feed it to my pets."
Rosie tends to seem a bit cold around people. She often judges people for shallow reasons and tends to be quite vain about herself as well. She can be quite bitter towards people who have wronged her in the past and doesn't easily forgive them. She often takes sadistic enjoyment out of torturing and murdering people she doesn't like and often seems cruel and unsympathetic.



Rosie has a thick Boston accent because of the area she grew up in, and she tends to still use 30's era slang to this day. She has a very low and sultry voice normally, but she is also able to put on a higher pitched, cartoonist cute tone, similar to that of Betty Boop, which she uses to make he seem more cute and innocent.


Hunter Bryant


Towards Rosie Clayton


Rosie Clayton


Towards Hunter Bryant



Hunter met Rosie when he first joined the Assassin Team.  

Relationship Description
Hunter and Rosie are pretty close as they are the two more outgoing members. Rosie often treats Hunter like a kid since he is the youngest and shortest in the group, and teases him often.

Rosie Clayton


Towards Jérémie Aumerle


Jérémie Aumerle


Towards Rosie Clayton



Jeremie and Rosie met after he was injured fighting a group of thugs that were going to shoot up the speak-easy she worked at. She nursed him back to health and they began to get to know each other, eventually falling in love. They began to date and Jeremie helped her excape the pimp she owed money too.   They were happy together for many years, but Jeremie realized that he would soon have to to confront the fact he was undead and wouldn't age. With a heavy heart he new he'd have to end the relationship. He staged his own death so that Rosie wouldn't go finding him, but due to a miscalculation, she found out the truth.   She was appalled that Jeremie had lied to her their entire relationship and ran off, which unfortunately led to her pimp's gonns finding and killing her.   Vahit turned her into a Shade and convinced her of how terrible a person Jeremie was. So by the time the two met again, it was as enemies.

Relationship Description
Jeremie and Rosie used to be very close until her death. Jeremie still remembers their relationship nostalgically and yearns to rekindle the romance they had before. He often attempts to get Rosie to listen to reason and leave Vahit, but she refuses every time.   Rosie remains bitter towards Jeremie and sees him as nothing more than a liar and a traitor. However when she remembers their life before, she feels a deep sadness and regret. But to this day she remains certain she doesn't want a relationship with him anymore.

Rosie Clayton


Towards Maverick Davidson


Maverick Davidson


Towards Rosie Clayton



Rosie had met Maverick long before his death at a bar. Rosie believed he'd be another one night stand, but after talking with him for a bit, she found him interesting and continued to talk with him for a while after as friends. Maverick was the closest to a friend Rosie had had in years and she appreciated his company.   She was worried sick for him after the shooting, and grew concerned for his declining mental health. When Maverick attempted to take his own life, he called Rosie first to say good bye before ending it. Noting Rosie could say could convince him to stop. Distraught at the loss of her friend, she turned to Vahit and begged him to turn him into a Shade.   When Maverick was revived, she went out of her way to personally show him the ropes of being a shade. Eventually his powers as an elite allowed him to be promoted to her team.  

Relationship Description
  Despite having a one night stand decades ago, Maverick and Rosie never pursued a romantic relationship, and instead remained close friends for years. They have the best chemistry as teammates on the assassin team.

Rosie Clayton


Towards Vahit




Towards Rosie Clayton



Vahit found Rosie through spying on Jeremie, and found her to be an excellent way to try and get back at him for rebelling. Originally the idea was to use her as bait to get Jeremie back, but Rosie soon proved herself to be more than just eye candy and a very capable fighter and spy when she took down the leaders of a major gang in the area.   Vahit found himself impressed by Rosie's skills, and instead focused his attention on training her to fight Jeremie. He would get close to Rosie and plant seeds of hatred for Jeremie in her mind. In fact he spent so much time with her that there were rumors that there was more going on between them and he was giving her special treatment as a result.  

Relationship Description
  Vahit seems to treat Rosie differently than other underlings, and spends quite a lot of time with her. It's rumored that the two have feelings for each other, but these are often dismissed by the two. Despite that, Vahit tends to play favorites with Rosie as well.   Rosie is not as invested in Vahit's goal for human liberation as she claims she is, and even realizes to an extend that they are hurting innocent people, but these things seem to not be enough to pull her away from the Shade's side.

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1909 AD 1937 AD 28 years old
Circumstances of Death
Gunned Down
New York, USA
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
A small bit of French
Friends & Allies
Maverick Davidson

Hunter Bryant


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