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Fanentous Capital

The Flowering Floating City

"As our cart pulled up towards the capitol, the clouds parted to reveal the massive silhouette of the Capitol City. Even at a distance, the grandiose city towers over the smaller villages as a beacon and a guardian. I've only ever seen this city described in books, I couldn't believe I was finally seeing it myself." Faerin Leyric's Tour of the Floating Isles
  Fanentous Capital, also known as simply 'The Capital' is of course the central capital city for the Empire of Fanentous.  

Geography and Structure

The core of the city is located on a series of small, independently floating islands. The city has five petal shaped islands that wrap around a large center piece. The outer 'petals' are at varying altitudes, forming a spiral staircase like formation leading up to the center. The islands themselves are kept together with stone bridges, but it connected to the mainland through a wooden draw bridge.   Some of the city has spread out into the mainland, but the island itself is what most folks recognize as The Capital itself. Each island on the core is separated into districts;  

District 1 - Industrial

  The industrial district is at the lowest tier on the island. The island sits lower than the mainland itself, making harder to see at a distance. It is the area where much of the goods that the city provides are produced. It's also the location of the main dock area for airships, as the low altitude is more convenient to land them. The area is considered the 'slums' of the city, an a lot of poorer folk go there to live and find work.  

District 2 - Market

  The second lowest island of the city is directly in line with the mainland, thus it's the cities connection point to the outside world. The Market district sees many travelers, tourists and merchants coming through, and is the best place for trading goods.  

District 3 - Commons

  The commons are an area of town mostly full of residential buildings. It is the choice of living for most of the middle class citizens of the capital.  

District 4 - Military

  The military district is often where many go to train and join the Empire military force, or join the Royal Guard. Housing in the area is mostly reserved for soldiers and high ranking military officials. The millitary district is also the location of the capitals prison, one of the largest correctional facilities in the empire.  

District 5 - Mage's College

  The College district is the second highest island in the city and almost as prestigious as the Palace district. The College district is the home of the famous Mage's College and it's surrounding campus. It is the main hub for magic users and those wishing to study the arcane.  

District 6 - Palace

  The Palace District is the heart of the city and takes center stage as the tallest island in the city. Being the center of the city, it's said you can see the entire Capital from the top. As the name suggests, the palace district is where the royal palace of the empress rests. Housing in this area is very expensive and reserved with royalty and the exceptionally wealthy. People also frequently journey to the palace district as it's also home to the largest and oldest Fanentous temple in the city.  


  The architecture of the Capital is roughly Greek inspired in it's design. The buildings are often made from pale limestone with splashes of color thrown in with the design of the roofs and accenting structures, often muted pastel colors. Stained glass is a popular feature in many homes and buildings.


Being the heart of the Empire, The Capitol sees many travelers come in and out of the city. The culture of the city is a nice blend of everything the Empire has to offer.   Those who live in the area are known as City Elves, which simply means they are a blend of different ethnicities.


The Capital is ran by the Fanentous royal family. The royal family is often one taken from another province. Currently the ruling family is the N'illum dynasty of A'ramel Alshiu. It's also ruled in part by the Mages Council since the 1400's.


The capital started out as a small Dualist city on the mainland. What before the city was as grand as it is now, the floating islands where rather barren, natural grasslands. At the highest point, one of the first major Temples of Fanenta was built. Originally Dualist monks would prove their dedication to the gods by making the long trek up the islands to pray at the temple.   Over time, people would settle on the islands themselves, eventually moving the city completely onto the islands, which continued to grow as people flocked in from all over to pray at their temple. Eventually, the country that would soon be the Empire of Fanentous was founded (c. 2100 BC), and the title of capitol was bounced around to different cities over the years before settling here, this was decided when the Emperor at the time decided to build the palace near the Temple of Fanenta.   For a few centuries, the city would merge with a neighboring city called Suhkorium and a great bridge would be constructed between the two, with massive statues depicting the Gods, Fanenta and Suhkorium. However during the The Hundreds Year War Suhkorium would declare independence from the Empire, starting a civil war. (c. 200 BC)   Fanentous came out the victor when the fight between Gods resulted in the collapse of Suhkorium. Human refugees from Suhkorium poured into The Capitol as the city crumbled behind them. While the refugees were allowed to stay, the relationship and attitudes towards them were still quite tense.  

Magic Renaissance

  In 1416 AD, The Mage's Council will be created as a faction of the government, and the first Mage Tower will be commissioned to be built in the city. The Tower and it's campus would be build on the island nearing the palace, and the new interest in magical education would draw in even more people into the city.  

The Demon War

  1988 AD would mark the beginning the first major the Empire has seen in centuries, when a mysterious figure named Vahit would come with an army of at the time, completely unknown demonic creatures, now known as Shades. His attack on the capitol was sudden and brutal, and no one was prepared for what the Shades were capable of.   The Royal Guard was overwhelmed, allowing Vahit to get close enough to the Empress at the time, Maradis N'illum, and assassinate her. He was fortunately unable to get to the princess, Lyndis N'illum, who was had already been escorted to a hiding spot in time.   The city was thankfully spared by the acts of some brave civilians who helped push the demons back, included in this was as young woman that to everyones shock wielded one of the fabled The Goddess Blades. After the demons were driven out of the city, Lyndis was able to take her mothers place as Empress at only 18 years old. After her coronation, her first order as empress was to declare a state of emergency, and an official war on Vahit and his Shades.   As thanks for their help, she also gathered up the heroes who helped save the city, including the Goddess Blade wielder Sarah Winter, and formed a new facion of the military known as the Goddess' Knights. Their job would be to defend the city from further demon attacks, but targeting cases of demonic activity before they get out of hand.   The Knights kept peace for the Empire until nearly a decade later, when an unexpected battle with shades took many of their lives, and the others, mysteriously vanished. After the battle, the Great Bridge collapsed from unknown causes. Since then, the Empire have been fighting demons on their own, and leaving the city vulnerable for another attack.


The core of the city is located on a series of small, independently floating islands. The city has five petal shaped islands that wrap around a large center piece. The outer 'petals' are at varying altitudes, forming a spiral staircase like formation leading up to the center.

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