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"A tragedy what happened to Faenamel, one of the many stops on my list that was heartlessly taken by the shades. I tried to stop by, but it was just.. filled with that horrible black blood that makes my stomach twist as it cakes every surface, every house and tree. I wouldn't dark tread another step towards it lest be turned into one of those horrible Dark Elves myself."
— Faerin Leyric's Tour of the Floating Isles
  Faenamel was a Wood Elf village in the Aurora Forest, before it was taken over by Vahit.


Most of the population is currently dark elves, formerly wood elves. The town has fewer of them than other corrupted towns, to the point the village looks abandoned to a passer by.


Faenamel was a rather small village located deep with in the Aurora Forest. While small, it was the home to a well known school known as the Guard's Academy, which was a well known training camp for those wishing to learn to fight, often so they can become knights or guards. Most of the population of the city as a result came from this school.   When the Shade War began, Faenamel saw a population boom, as more young warriors were coming to train at the school so they could help in the war efforts. It was also proudly known for being the hometown of two wood elf Goddess' Knights, Naina and Kyski Nuvari.   In the late 1990s, Faenamel, like many villages in the area was attacked by Shades. Many of its residents were either killed or corrupted by Black Blood Poisoning. Its believed very few made it out of the village alive, including a very young child..   It seems no attempts have been made to actually take back the city, as it's believed it's too dangerous to send troops inside. Only one rescue mission has been attempted, but it was found no one was left to be rescues.


The village was filled mostly with cabins and wood huts where the civilians lived. The guard's academy stood out as a large tudor style building at the end of the village. The village is also surrounded by tall wooden fencing with guard towers in each corner.   Currently however most of the buildings have been reduced to ash and rubble, or are caked in black blood. Dead, gnarled vines have grown onto everything else. Most of the buildings have remained abandoned and left to rot for the last 20 years. The fence that protected the town has been mostly broken and burned down, though it appears crude attempts to repair it were made. The fence is now also covered in barbed wire and decorated with corpses stuck on wooden stakes as a warning to keep out.   The old school building has been re purposed as a Shade base and is covered in painted graffiti declaring alliance to Vahit.


The village is nestled deep with in Aurora Forest, with tall trees surrounding the village, concealing it away from the rest of the world. Lately however, much of the plant life has been killed or corrupted from the Shade invasion of the area.

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