Faeri Academy Ruins

"I always wanted to see the Faeri Academy up close, in it's prime it was one of the most prestigious magic schools in the whole province. But alas I didn't get to, for when our tour guide went in to scope the place out, we heard a loud scream and we never saw him again."
— Faerin Leyric's Tour of the Floating Isles

Purpose / Function

The Faeri Academy was a magic school in Aurora for young mages to study, it was founded before the Mages Council and the Mage Towers existed and continued to run until the 1500's where it suddenly and abruptly closed.   At the time, it was exclusive to elves and Fae, and humans were not allowed to attend the school what-so-ever. It was one of many schools that existed before magic education taken over by the Mage's Council.


The building consists of four short towers containing classrooms, libraries, alchemy labs and more. The towers were connected by hallways which lead to student dorms and the basement. The school have a large training field that is sunken several feet into the ground like a pit, with entrances into the basement from there.   The place has been abandoned for hundreds of years now and thus has become overrun with plants, with vines and moss growing up the towers. The north east tower had collapsed, filling the old field with rubble, as well, a tree grows along the edge of the school, with roots tangling downwards.


The Fairy academy is one of the few magic schools in Aurora that stayed in operation after the Mage's Council took over, simply due to it's popularity and credentials. While the council was removing funding from non-associated schools, the Faeri Academy brought in enough income on it's own to support itself.   However this changed in 1566 when one an unsupervised student open accidentally opened a demon portal in the school's training field, which allowed demons to flow in and possess the students. Many were killed during this indecent, and though the portal was closed, the school was still infested with ghosts and demons, making it impossible to continue working. It has sat empty in the woods ever since.   Currently, the building is still full of undead spirits who ward off people from entering the building at all. Said spirits are known to use illusion magic to disorient travelers and get them lost in the building for hours at a time before killing them.

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