Fantasme imagination The Faenamel Attack

The Faenamel Attack

Life, Trauma/ Loss


The village of Faenamel is attacked and the last two Goddess Knights are defeated, but not before Jérémie is able to rescue their son, Markail

Jérémie responds to one last call to aid, as the city of Faenamel was being raded by shades. On arrival, he is stopped by Naina, carrying a baby and a satchel of supplies. She insists she needs to help her husband fight, but someone needs to take their child to safety. She begs Jérémie to take Markail somewhere safe, in case they don't make it.   As Jérémie runs off with her son, Naina prepares to join her husband and defend her village. Naina is unfortunately killed in battle, but Kyski suffers a far worse fate. He is captured and infected with black blood, turning him into a dark elf slave.

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