Fantasme Imagination Plot Timeline

All the events that take place during the course of the story. There WILL be spoilers.

Year 1

2016 AD and beyond

The first year of the return of the Goddess Knights.   See Fantasme Imagination Lore Timeline for the history of the world.

  • 2016 AD

    21 Agusis (August) 21:00

    Marc Discovers his past.
    Life, Identity

    Marc discovers a box in his fathers study that contains information about his past and true identity.

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  • 2016 AD

    22 Agusis (August)

    Ellie Activates the Goddess Blade
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    Ellie find the Goddess Blade in her mother's belongings and unknowingly activates it.

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  • 2016 AD

    23 Agusis (August)

    Jeremie Returns
    Life, Relocation

    Jeremie, feeling the Goddess Blade active again, returns to New Bridge believing Sarah Winter has returned to fighting, but he quickly gets sidetracked.

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