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The universe itself has no special name, but some religious groups call it the Gift of Alpha and Omega. It is the setting of 'Fantasme Imagination'.   The Universe was created by two eldritch gods only known as Alpha and Omega. It originally contained only one world, the Overworld, their home. Over time the two would create the earth, as well as their children, the Gods Fanenta and Suhkor. The earth used to be only one realm, but sometime in early human history, Alpha and Omega bickered about whether magic should exist in their world or not. Alpha believed that mortals could not handle the power of magic, and as a result the two split the Earth in two. New Earth New Earth and The Fantasme \ Afterwards Alpha and Omega seemingly disappeared.   Not long after the split of the Earth, fighting among Fanenta and Suhkor led to the creation of the Underworld, a realm for demons and sinners.   The last Realm is the Mindscape, which formed from the dreams and memories of the mortals that where born in this universe.

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