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The Dream Weavers

Nightmares are the dream eating demons of Sloth that exist in the Underworld. They can manipulate dreams and consume a mortals life energy through their mind.

Basic Information


Nightmares are large spider monsters. They have a females torso on top of a massive spider body. Their skin is dark purple and veiny and they have no facial features outside of six insectoid eyes. Their hair is often long and dark, and obscuring their face.   Their horns are actually a set of mandibles. The nightmare can twist her head upside down and use them as a mouth and inject poison.   They have eight legs on their spider body, and at the ends, they have boney, four fingered hands.  



  Nightmares are dream demons. They can consume the life energy of mortals through their dreams, and this can result in the death of that person. Their fangs and inject a venom that can cause the victim to become immobile, hallucinate and even knock them unconscious. They can hide their identities by making people think they are seeing something other than a demon, such as a human woman or a small cat.   When the Nightmare has found a target, they can access their dreams through the Mindscape and proceed to torture them with their worst nightmares, while also keeping them in a state of sleeping. This is more effective if she has captured the victim and brought them to her lair. As the nightmares continue the victim is drained of their life and die.   It's said a nightmare's dreams feel real to the victim, to the point that the pain they suffer is vivid and visceral.  


  A Nightmares major weakness is the fact that she simply cannot do much harm to a waking person. While her powers keep the vicitim from waking up on their own, or realizing it's a dream, that doesn't stop other factors from forcefully waking the person up, which is why the Nightmare will kidnap and hide the victim.   A nightmare is also vulnerable to someone who also has some sort of dream powers (A good example includes Marc Lee or his father Kyski Nuvari ) as a dream walker is already full concious in the Mindscape, and will not be effected by a nightmare's powers.   And lastly like all demons, light magic and holy artifacts harm Nightmares, so those suspecting they have a Nightmare leeching off of them can wear light magic protection when they sleep.

Genetics and Reproduction

Nightmares are all female, and reproduce completely asexually. After they've consumed enough life energy from mortals, they will lay a batch of eggs, that will hatch into young nightmares. However this happens rarely, as in able to produce offspring, the nightmare must die and split her soul up into her young.   Young nightmares are simply smaller versions of the larger ones, and will grow up and reach adulthood quickly.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Nightmares aren't a very high class of demon, mostly due to their grotesque appearance and reclusive personalities. However it doesn't matter to them as they would rather hide among themselves in The Nest than interact with other demons.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Nightmares make their home in ont of the Nine Planes known as The Nest, massive, tangled mess of spiderwebs that they use to trap wandering souls.

Average Intelligence

While they are unable to talk due to physical limitations, they are very intelligent creatures. They are the best at psychological torture and manipulation. They often can know more about a person then they do themselves. Though they cannot speak, they can communicate telepathically.

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The history of Nightmares is vague and rather unknown. Some claim that a group of demons used to worship spiders and believed the spiders gave them their dream powers, and the stronger their powers became, the more spider-like they became.   Another story, however, claims that Nightmares used to be actual sentient spiders that grew in size the more human life they consumed.   The Nightmares themselves have purposefully left their origin vague and secretive, and when asked, all their stories are different, likely because they enjoy messing around with people.

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