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Alma Shaharee

The Life Blood of A'ramel Alshiu

"Alma Shaharee is such a beautiful city. The place is like a literal work of art. After walking in the heat for hours, I decided to dip my toes in the water of the aqueducts. It felt nice, but the judgmental glares from the group of desert elves passing by in their boat didn't feel so great." Faerin Leyric's Tour of the Floating Isles
  Alma Shaharee is a desert elf city and the capital of A'ramel Alshiu.


Alma Shaharee population consists mostly of desert elves, but it also has a surprisingly high population of humans.


The royal family of A'ramel Alshiu is currently also the ruling family for Empire of Fanentous as a whole. Empress Lyndis N'illum currently acts as both the Empress and the Queen of Alma Shaharee.


The aqueducts that run through the city also act as a make-shift moat, meaning the only means of entry are the guarded bridges into town.

Industry & Trade

The city is primarily known for their trade of artisan goods, such as paintings, textiles, clothing, jewelry and sculptures.


Alma Shaharee was not the original capital of A'ramel Alshiu, previously it was Falle Anor, which was destroyed by a portal opening up. Before, Alma Shaharee was simply a tourist destination.   Alma Shaharee was originally meant to be a large scale art project by a famous architect at the time, the city was designed to be the most beautiful and perfect city in the world. The city would continue to grow larger as more people settled there. Being the second largest city at the time, when Falle Anor was destroyed, it was chosen to be the new capital. This means the palace and the mage's tower are very new structures.


Also known as the 'porcelain city' due to it's pristine white marble buildings and structures. The city is also known for it's street aqueducts that channel water from the Mizt River into the city, giving the appearance of the roads being made of water. It's common to see small boats traveling through the city this way.


The The Mizt River runs through the city making the immediate area rather lush with plant life compared to the surrounding desert.

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