Falle Anor

The Ruined City

"Eek! This place is so creepy. We traveled here at night in order to stay out of the heat, but now it's all dark and spooky. I've heard rumors that the ruins are haunted. I really don't want to be the one to find out that the city isn't truly abandoned." Faerin Leyric's Tour of the Floating Isles
  Falle Anor was once a Desert Elf city and the previous capital of A'ramel Alshiu before it was destroyed.


Felle Anor was once a prosperous city in the deserts of A'ramel Alshiu. Being the original capital, the city held a Mage Tower which the Mages Council would meet up. It was this particular tower that was researching portals and the effects they were having on the world. In their research they would come to the grave discovery of the danger that would soon befall The Fantasme.   The mages had discovered that the portals were increasing in frequency at an alarming rate, and that they would continue to do so until the whole barrier between the Fantasme and New Earth would be destroyed, causing untold chaos.   While trying to find a solution to this problem, a human mage by the name of Vahit came forward offering his plan of opening a massive portal to use as a manageable vent of mana that would blanace the two worlds. His plan was initially written off until a fellow mage brought up the potential of the Empire gaining territory in New Earth. This proposal, while piquing the interest of the higher ups, worried Vahit, as he feared an invasion on the defenseless humans. Vahit backed out of his plan at the last minute and refused to give other the details of his ritual.   Not satisfied with the answer, the same elf mage stole Vahit's research to present to the council again, claiming that Vahit had changed his mind

The Ritual

  The night of the ritual came and all the head mages of the council, as well as Vahit, had gathered to the rooftop, and the commenced the spell. However, just as the portal was opening up and revealing the world on the other side, Vahit intentionally sabotaged the ritual, determined to stop a potential invasion. This caused the portal to become unstable and act erratically.   Vahit fled through the portals and soon after it would explode, releasing a massive amount of built up mana like a bomb. This explosion would end up wiping out everyone in the city and causing it to sink. The only think that stopped it from falling completely, was the friction of the surrounding land.  

The Aftermath

  When news of Falle Anor reached the rest of The Empire, everyone was in shock that a single human mage could pull off such a horrendous stunt. Vahit's actions were reviled by everyone in the empire, but most were satisfied with the thought that he might have perished in the explosion as well. That was, until he returned...


The city greatly resembled that of Cairo, but with more brightly painted buildings. The city used to be quite colorful, how ever most of that paint has faded or chipped away over time. Most of the buildings have collapsed, except for what left of the original mage's tower.   The mages tower despite the centuries of ruin, still stands proudly in the sky. It's the only structure that can still be clearly seen from a distance, as it's the only one tall enough to peak over the cliff side of the pit the city sits in now.   The city can still be entered through the collapsed remains of the palace, of which it's top half fell and now rests in rubble on the edge of the cliff. If one can carefully climb down the structure, they can land inside the bottom half of the palace, with is still structurally sound. Exiting the palace through it's front gates will let to continue into the city.


The city currently sits in a sinkhole about 60-70 feet deep in the middle of the A'ramel Alshiu desert. the cliff side is a sheer drop meaning climbing gear is required to make the descent down into the city.

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