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"I was honestly nervous visiting Kheiron for the first time, but my book was the guide to the Floating Isles, not just the Empire. But you can't blame me for being a little uneasy. I was just a fragile elf exploring this land of giant horse people who frequently gave me strange looks and called me 'Little Biped'. Biped I'm fine with by I'm NOT little thank you very much!
— Faerin Leyrics Tour of the Floating Isles


Kheiron is a country in the Solar Archipelago dominated mostly by the Centaur race. It is one of the newer countries to be founded in the Fantasme, and it's capital is Vermilion Canyon.   The country is highly military based and the high ranking military officials have more control over the political structure of the country. The Head General is the highest ranking official in Kheiron and lives in a base in Vermilion Canyon.


Kheiron was an area completely uninhabited before the centaurs claimed it.   Centaurs used to be slaves in The Empire of Fanentous, due to them being classified as animals for the longest time. Growing tired from being mistreated, a bunch of them rallied together to free their people, initiating the The Centaur Rebellion. Many centaur flocked to a then unclaimed area of land that was untouched due to it's more hostile conditions. They made a camp in the area and dubbed it Vermillion Canyon, after the red stone walls of the canyon is was resting inside.   In the process of the rebellion the centaurs fought long and hard to keep their territory from the Empire, who claimed they were stealing the land, and this broke out into a full war. After years of fighting though, a peace treaty was made, giving the land to the centaur. They would dub it Kheiron and the leader of the rebellion General Niwch'i would become the leader of this new country.   Kheiron has spent time since setting up infrastructure, a government, and a culture to call their own. They had to re-invent many basic commodities in order to work with their unique anatomy.


Millitary is something that is important to Kheiron both culturally and politically. Military leaders pay a crucial role in the government, and soldiers are a highly respected class of people. Centaurs put a high value on being able to fight and protect your country and your people. Many young centaur are trained to fight at a young age, even if they are not going to be going into the military full time. This is because the Kheiron military will draft young centaurs as soldiers in times or war.

Technological Level

Centaurs lack the natural ability to cast magic that fae do, and thus have not built their lives on magic in nearly the same way. While they occasionally trade for potions and crystals to power some magic powered machinery, most of their tech does not rely on magic.   Many every day objects and structures have had to be modified or completely reworked to work for centaurs. While they are still behind compared to the Empire, the amount of innovation put into their society to make their anatomy work is impressive non-the-less.


The country still worships Fanenta much like the Empire, as it was the religion many Centaurs followed during the founding of Kheiron, due to their background in the Empire. Unlike in the Empire however, religion is not weaponized or drilled into the heads of their people, and is more of a choice.

Foreign Relations

Kheiron tends to be a bit of a loner country. While they are currently at peace with the Empire, there are times when tensions are still high. Currently their only allies are with Kyl' Sune after they helped the country during the rebellion.

Trade & Transport

Being part horse themselves with high endurance, a lot of transport is done on their own. Centaurs will walk miles at a time and even pull their own carts, as it's easier for them. Some centaur raise horses to aid in this if they frequently travel and carry heavier loads.   They have their own Sky Sails for traveling out of the country, however they are designed slightly differently to ones from the Empire. They are typically smaller and don't have rooms in the hull, due to tight stairways being difficult for them.   Kheiron still frequently trades with the Empire in order to get supplies both magical and mundane. Since Kheiron dos not have mages typically, the magical trading is mostly down to helpful artifacts, potions and crystals to use for power or fuel.


While larger towns in Kheiron may have public education for young centaurs to attend, most centaurs are homeschooled by family or community members. Some community members will hold schooling sessions for their entire village, but not be as structured as a proper school.


The Kheiron Badlands are a small section of isles South East of the Empire that rests decently close to the Suhkorium Ruins, which is the only cut off between them and Ky'l Sune.


  As their name suggests, the Kheiron badlands are a dusty, semiarid, dry land of scarlet sands, canyons and mesas. They are often called the Painted Mountains after the vivid coral and crimson stripes of the mesas. There is one mountain range in particular that's known to appear to be made of an assortment of rainbow colored minerals, like blues and whites.   The area tends to be very warm year round, being more humid in the winter and spring and drier in the summers and falls.  

Flora & Fauna

  The badlands are filled with scattered plant-life, typically sparse and dry with much of the dirt peaking through them. Plants in this area tend to be kinds that only grow during humid months, or can retain water to last during the drier, harsher summers. Wild flowers tend to grow in patches around spring time, giving the landscape a much needed pop of color.   Wild life tends to be types with tough skin and low need for water. There's quite a high population of desert reptiles like lizards and snakes. Feral and wild horses tend to roam the plains as well.

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