The People of the Beast Spirits

"Despite the obvious dangers I took a secret voyage to the Lilihum islands. I know it's trespassing, but I simply couldn't pass up a chance to see the those dense, wild jungles for myself. Sure most of the species there were poisonous but it was still an exhilarating experience, despite the weird rashes."
— Faerin Leyric's Tour of the Floating Isles.


Lilihum is an isolated country west of the Empire of Fanentous consisting exclusively of the Beastcia race, and it's capital is Amaryllis.   Their political structure is tribal in nature and a the person put in charge is userally a older, powerful, and wise magic user called the Shaman. Every village has their own Shaman, but the one in charge of all of them and their capital is know as the Chief Shaman. The Shamans are usually voted by the people based on who is the most qualified for the role, and the Cheif Shaman is voted by all the other Shaman. Voting only happens once a Shaman has either died or stepped down from their role.


The Beastcia people have lived in the Lilihum isles for thousands of years, and their culture have remained relatively unchanged despite the years. This is due the the countries extreme xenophobia with outsiders, and the isolated tendencies. The Beastcia had so little contact with the outside world, it lead The Empire to believe that the area was devoid of sapient civilization. This assuption lead the Empire to make the mistake of stepping foot on their sacred ground.   The first settlers that attempted to enter the islands set up camp by the edge of the isle, and started hunting the creatures in the area. Once they were spotted by the beastcia they were immediately met with hostility and the campers were killed.   Year later a group of humans attempted the same thing trying to get some rare resources to sell, but this time made the mistake of accidentally shooting and killing the son of the Chief Shaman while he was in wolf form. While the Chief Shaman did not kill the group, he did curse them with Lycanthropy, which they then brought back to The Empire and spread the curse around like a disease.   The Empire had enough of Lilihum's aggression and decided to invade the country and demanded the country be opened up. This lead to a large battle, which sparked a war that would last a few years as the Empire tried to take the land for themselves end end the 'reign of terror' the beastcia were causing. However this did not end well for the Empire, as the beastcia were too powerful for their troops. The Empire surrendered and fled Lilihum deafeted, but the damage was already done, and the Beastcia has had a hatred for the Empire ever since.   In recent years tensions have begun to ease in Lilihum and the first envoys for trading and diplomacy came to the country. However at the same time, instances of terrorist groups posing as merchants have been known to come into the country and raid villages.


Despite Lilihum being behind when it comes to their technology, they make up for in their extremely powerful magic abilities and naturally stronger forms. A group of beastcia can usually overpower a group of elves or humans easily. Beastcia warriors are trained to always keep a sharp look out for tresspassers and invaders, and have a strike first, ask questions later mentality.


The people of Lilihum believe in the "Beast Gods" which refer to ethereal animal spirits that bind the Beastcia to their animal forms. They believe their magic comes from these Gods and they form deep spiritual connections with the animal that represents them.

Foreign Relations

Lilihum has poor relations with most countries, but by far the worst is with The Empire after the invasion and war that happened centuries ago.


Lilihum has some form of public schooling but only the major cities have it. Most of their education focuses more on general life style and religion education.


Lilihum is located on a long cluster of islands west of the Solar Archipelago and reaching towards Orelion in the southern hemisphere.  


  Lilihum consists mostly of jungles and some deserts. separated by volcanic mountains that connect to a large system on a Danklands continent. Much of it is uninhabited, but heavily guarded by the Beastcia. There are many places where the plants are so thick and unruly that they obscure the edge of the islands, leading for those who aren't careful to potentially misstep and fall off.  

Flora & Fauna

  The islands are full of exotic plants and creatures exclusive to the region. Many of them are so rare they care classified as endangered. Because of their obscurity, it's a known site for hunters to sneak to and capture or kill some of the rare creatures, which tends to not go over so well with the Beastcia.   Poisonous plants and creatures are a notorious problem for people venturing in the region. If one does not have expertise in identifying poisons, they risk meeting a gruesome death in the rain forests.

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