Fanentan Gold


Material Characteristics

Fanentan Coind are small disk coins that can be made from copper, silver or gold. They have ridged sides and have a molded image and one the back side of all of them have the Universe sigil on it, which can also be found on the Empire's flag. On the front side there is an design of Fanenta's eye which is different for each coin. Bronze the eye is closed with small lashes. Silver the eye is half open. Gold the eye is fully opened.   There are also platinum coins where are more rare, which display a fully opened eye with a halo around it.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Fanentan Gold is the officially recognized currency in the bother the Empire of Fanentous and in Kheiron. It comes in the form of copper, silver, gold, and platinum coins   Copper coins are the lowest in value, being worth about as much as a US penny on New Earth. Silver coins are worth 100 copper, Gold is worth 100 silver, and Platinum is worth 100 gold.   Prices are usually written as; "5cc, 5sc, 5gc, 5pc" and so on.

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The Empire's flag showing the Universe Sigil.
1 Copper = 1 US Cent

1 Silver = 1 US

Dollar 1 Gold = 100 US Dollars

1 Platinum = 10,000 US Dollars

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