Bandits of the Silent Sands

The Bandits of the Silent Sands, or 'The Sand Bandits', or even the 'thieves guild' known more commonly, are an organized crime syndicate in A'ramel Alshiu.


To prevent internal corruption, the head of the bandits are a always a group of three people, usually voted in by their peers. The three of them mange the 3 different sub groups; The Assasins, The Thieves, and The Cartel, each assigned a different task to benefit the group. Each leader is usually given an apprentice to further keep them in check.

Public Agenda

The Bandit's are all about making money, specifically making money for those who are impoverished. They will go to any means necessary to acquire money, most often illegally. They will also hire anyone looking to make a living in an economy that cripples anyone playing by the rules.


The guild has access to countless talented members all over A'ramel Alshiu. Any other assets they have are obtained illegally by their thieves or their cartel. They have acquired many rare goods that they then sell on the black market.


The economy for A'ramel Alshiu has always been unbalanced, leaving many people and villages impoverished. Those desperate to make an income would end up turning to crime to make a living. It started with random gangs dotted around the desert, but eventually those groups would come together and form a secret organization of thieves and criminals.   Currently the The Sand Bandits are one of the largest and most infamous organized crime groups in The Empire, but, that also makes them a pretty big target.

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