Dank Elf

The Fae of the Abyss

Also known as "Fish People", Dank Elves are a race of Fae that live in the Danklands , an area of main land on the surface of the planet, below the flouting isles.  

Basic Information


General Features

  Dank Elves are drastically different in appearance to most races of elves. They all fish like faces with deep blue or green skin often with light striped patterns. Their eyes are large and red with slit pupils. The also have a jaw full of sharp teeth and gil-like flaps on their cheeks. The most interesting feature is an a long appendage that comes out of their forehead that resembles the lure of an anglr fish. The tip of this lure has a bio-luminescent build at the end.   Dank elves tend to be tall gangly limbs, and often appear malnourished. Many of them are bowlegged and have poor posture as well.  

Special Skills

  Dank elves have adapted to living in the harsh environment of the danklands. Many of their mutations help them to see in the dark, and breath underwater. Dank elves are also better adapted to living with out sunlight for extended periods of time.  


  Dank elves came to exist after the fall of Suhkorium after the The Hundreds Year War. When the isles were crumbling, Suhkoriums most powerful wizard cast a transformation spell on the whole city in the hopes that it would allow the people to survive. This spell transformed all of the citizens into fish like hybrids before the city came crashing down into the ocean.   The survivors that washed up on shore now had their appearance severely altered. While elves we turned into dank elves and made their way back to land, the humans became Mer and stayed in the ocean with the wreckage of Suhkorium. The first generation of dank elves were able to set up camps and survive, however as generations went on, dank elves became more savage, and reverted back to a caveman-like, nomadic life style.


Major language groups and dialects

Dank elves do not know English and still speak a rather broken version of ancient elvish.

Average technological level

Over time dank elves reverted mentally to a caveman-like mindset. The current technological level of these people are primitive at best. While some have managed to build houses and even something akin to settlements, most continuously travel, only resting in caves or protected areas.

Common Etiquette rules

Dank elves don't typically have any form of real manners. They're behavior is more akin to savages. However they are known to show kindness towards family members and allies. While between traveling groups that is a level of politeness and cooperation, they will act aggressive towards strangers or competitive groups.

Common Dress code

Most dank elf clothing are rags and recycled cloth. They will often steal their clothes from bodies that fall from the islands above.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Dank elves don't tend bury their dead. Instead, if possible, they will cannibalize the corpse of the fallen, due to the limited amount of food available to them. If the corpse is in an inedible state however, they will just leave it where it is and move on.   In settlements dank elves will occasionally sacrifice a member in hopes that it will please the spirits and protect them during violent storms.

Common Myths and Legends

Due to the separation of the danklands and the floating isles, the dank elve's knowledge of them is limited. Since the clouds rarely ever lift in the danklands, the islands appear as massive shadows, that the dank elves believe to be gods. Creatures and objects that fall off of the islands are considered to be gifts from the gods.   This includes bodies from the elve's parachute funerals. When the dead land in the danklands, dank elves will usually thank the gods before looting the body and eating the corpse.

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