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The Mysterious Pink Deer

"I-i just want to see inside the mage tower. It... it's been my dream to study there, ever since i was a f-fawn."
Rozehert is a Centaur mage who wonders the Aurora Forest with his fae companion Cieco.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Physical Appearance

Rozehert is a deer centaur meaning his upperhalf is humanoid while his lower half is that of a white-tailed deer. His human half is slim with pale skin and long pink hair. Poking out from his hair are large antlers, and fur covered deer ears in place of human ones. His deer half has a pinkish hue the fur with some lighter patches on his front, on his legs and some spots on his rear.


Rozehert technically wonders around completely naked, as it's not really that noticeable with centaurs. The only piece of clothing he owns is a purple
cloak with yellow trim. The cloak is enchanted with illusion magic, which allows him to hide his centaur features when he puts it on.   In this form, his body almost entirely disappears and he appears to be a floating, empty cloak. He will often wear black leather gloves so you can still see his hands. Only the glint of his eyes and his antlers remain in this form. His antlers poke through the hood, which have button-up flaps to allow him to easily pull the hood around them.

Special abilities

Rozehert is very skilled with Illusion magic, which is rare to see in centaurs, as most lack the talent for magic. He has learned everything he knows from Cieco or through pure trial an error, which makes the power of his spells even more astonishing.   His most used spell is one that cloaks objects like a chameleon, making them and the objects behind them practically invisible.

Specialized Equipment

Roze carries with him a make-shift staff made from a long branch wrapped around an enchanted pink tourmaline gem.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rozehert was born from an elven mother and a Beastcia father. Giving birth to Rozehert cost his mother her life. So anguish with grief over the loss of his wife and the condition of his son, being born with deer legs, he took Roze and made the long journey to Kheiron. Once in Kheiron, his father dropped him off in a centaur village and left him behind with out another word.   He was adopted by the Captain of the towns military guard, a large, stern horse centaur who valued strength and being able to fight. He would often push Roze and treat him harshly in an attempt to get him to work harder. Often this was both verbally and physically abusive, and Rozehert grew to fear him.   He showed a talent for magic at a young age, when one time he turned invisible trying to hide from his father. His father never appreciate his magic skills however, claiming they wouldn't get him anywhere in life, and he absolutely forbade him going to Fanentous to study magic.   When he was 12, his father was informed that Roze was simply to small and weak to help fight, something that brought dishonor to his family. This sent his father into a fit of rage that scared Rozehert so much that he ran away from home. He managed to make his way to Aurora all on his own, where he quickly realized that in his current form, he'd be unable to find safety in the cities.   While wondering the woods, he found Cieco, a small fairy who had lost her ability to return to her normal size. The two became friends and Cieco offered to teach him some magic in exchange for being able to travel safely with him. Since then, he and Cieco have wondered the forest, entering the cities in disguise to do magic performances for money.




Rozehert was educated at his villages school, which only had maybe 2 dozen other kids. There he was tought basic math, science and english, as well as in depth studies into the historical background of Centaur and Kheiron, which tended to be very biased against the Empire.

Mental Trauma

Rozehert was abused as a child which traumatized him. As a result is very skiddish around people he perceives as a danger, such as older people or those larger than him. He is also in constant fear his father will come looking for him.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Rozehert enjoys relaxing in the forest, as he feels more at home there than he did in the dry, sandy wastes of Kheiron. He likes to play with his magic and treats it as an art, trying to figure out what new configurations and designs he can create to impress people. He also enjoys playing the pan flute on occasion.   He hates confrontation and talking to people. He will avoid making long conversation with people if possible. He frequently gets annoyed with the challenges and limitations his unique body poses in a world designed for humanoid people.

Virtues & Perks

Roze is a very kind and sweet person. He hates being mean or rude to others, so he always has something nice or helpful to say. His talent with magic is invaluable and extremely useful for stealth.

Vices & Flaws

Roze is very skittish and shy. He's prone to running way at the slightest sense of danger and being difficult to calm down. He's overly cautious, rather jumpy and easily startled.

Motivation & Conflict

Rozehert simply wants to be accepted and learn magic. He hates himself and his body and would do anything to be a normal elf like he was meant to be. Being one of the only centaur left in the Empire, he feels like an outcast. He only feels truely comfortable when he's hiding his identity in his cloak.



Around strangers, Rozehert tends to keep to himself and doesn't draw attention to himself. He frequently pulls his arms in close to his body nervously with other people are around. He also tends to have a lot of 'deer-like' behaviors, in the way he moves, runs, or even behaves. He'll even make deer noises on occasions.   Rozehert is very soft spoken and stutters a lot. He fumbles his words and fiddles with his hands when he is anxious while talking to someone. When in his cloak form he doesn't even speak at all.




Towards Ceico




Towards Rozehert



Rozehert and Cieco met in deep in the forests of Aurora. She had been lost after being laughed out of her village after she turned into her small fae form and was unable to go back to normal. She was expecting Rozehert to make fun of her as well, but she he didn't the two started talking at go to know each other.   Cieco realized that Roze knew how to safely traverse the woods, and after learning of his desire to learn magic, offered to teach him in exchange for traveling with him. Of course Rozehert accepted and the two began traveling together. Cieco taught Rozehert powerful illusion spells and even how to hover briefly to cross large gaps between islands.  

Relationship Description
  Roze and Cieco are very close, as they really only have each other. Roze is very protective of Cieco, despite her insistence on fighting for herself. He appreciates having a friend who accepts him for who he is, and he often lets her sleep in his hair or on his antlers.   Cieco frequently snarks about Roze's cowardly nature, but she cares about him, and admires his determination to learn magic despite the odds stacked against him. Having the extra protection from monsters and predators is always appreciated.

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Rozehert in cloaked form.
White-Tailed Deer
Birth Date
March 22nd (Aries)
Year of Birth
1999 AD 17 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Beastcia Born
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