Mana Poisoning and Exhaustion

Take care of your soul.

Mana Poisoning and Mana Exhaustion are two different but very similar afflictions involving the Soul and the production of Mana. Both stem from an level of mana inside the body, either from too much or too little existing inside which can cause physical and mental symptoms.  

Mana Exhaustion


Mana Exhaustion is the more common of the two, and is the result of too little mana in existing with in the soul. This commonly happens with over using powerful spells, though other causes such as a magic sapping spell or an underlying illness can be the cause as well.


The symptoms of mana exhaustion are pretty recognizable. Commonly the afflicted with experience pain and tightness in their chest, accompanied by tired, dizzy feeling that is often intense enough to require the magic user to sit down. Numbness or a tingly feeling in the arms and legs are often reported as well. Throbbing headaches can also be a result.   Those affected by mana exhaustion will commonly be sluggish and moody and will have difficulty casting powerful spells. Likey spells will be weaker or not cast at all.   In more severe cases, if say a mage has pushed beyond their normal limits, they risk hurting themselves and causing permanent damage to their body or mind. The pain in the chest and limbs and head will intensify and the magic user may pass out. If this happens it's best to seek medical help.  


In minor cases, mana exhaustion is actually pretty easy to treat. Often simply taking a rest or getting some sleep will remedy the problem. The soul will absorb mana on it's own and return to normal levels. If you ever experience mana exhaustion, try simply laying down and relaxing and avoid casting any more spells until you feel better.   In the case of more severe cases, enchanted objects that aid in the production of mana can help the magic user recover faster. It's a good idea to have someone around to monitor the patients condition to assure no further complications arise.   It should only take a day or so of rest to recover, but if little improvement is seen after a few days, it's best to look around and see if a spell or an underlying medical conition is causing the problem.  

Mana Poisoning


Mana poisoning is the opposite problem from mana exhaustion. Mana poisoning is caused when the body is flooded with excess magic to the point it over flows and makes the user sick. This condition is more rare as it is not something the soul will do on it's own. Often it's caused by spells, potions or enchantments that either flood the system with magic or put the soul absorption into overdrive. People who over use potions or drink potions that are too strong/have gone off are are higher risk of this.   There are also medical conditions that can cause chronic mana poisoning, often where the body absorbs more mana than it needs, resulting in illness. While conditions like this are rare, they can be debilitating and should be treated seriously.


  The symptoms of mana poisoning can vary wildly from case to case. This is because one of the major symptoms is the inability to control spells or magic. Patients often will cast spells chaotically with out intending to, which can very dangerous for both the mage and people around them. The spells can vary depending on the mage's skill set or the effects of the enchantment or poison that caused it.   Side effects and be anything from ice mages freezing their room, a light mage's skin glowing, a fire mage coughing up flames, floating on the ceiling, unstable shapeshifting and much much more.   There are more case wide symptoms, where spotting them can be vital to figuring out what is wrong with a magic user. Shaking, tremors, jitteriness are one sign. They may also have flu-like symptoms like head aches, light-headedness, fever, coughing, or vomiting. A very obvious clue is if they are 'leaking' magic through their eyes, mouth or nose, usually in the form of glowing liquid or mist.  


Mana poisoning is a lot harder to treat than mana exhaustion. First and foremost, if the the patient is involuntarily casting poses a danger to them or the healer, that should be taken care of as soon as possible with whatever means appropriate. After that problem is taken care of, the process of expelling excess mana can begin.   What makes mana poisoning difficult is that it can't be treated with a spell of potion with out the risk of making the condition worse, so instead objects that absorb mana from other living being must be used. The patient should be constantly monitored and cared for when needed, as the condition poses a very real risk of permanent damage or death.

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