Gravehunter's Tickets

Common Knowledge

A small slip used by the Gravehunter's Guild as a reward for successfully completing tasks.   Each ticket has an exchangeable gold value of two hundred pieces or the ability to be redeemed for a variety of enchanted and magical items with the Gravehunter’s Guild vault keepers. Because of the inherent value of the items within the vault, this actually makes the tickets quite sought after for outfitting budding Gravehunters and are usually worth more than their gold value would imply. They also have a tendency to be used as a bartering currency between Gravehunters themselves, as a form of collateral or a way to pay for favors. Outside of the Guild, these slips have no intrinsic value and aren’t worth more than the materials used to make them.

Basic Construction

The current ticket is a small slip of thick, dark stained leather, usually cowhide, to be able to be carried for a long period of time without breaking down from the elements. Each one is four inches long and an inch and a half wide, stamped with the Gravehunter’s insignia and the text “Redeemable with the Gravehunter’s Guild.” The corners are clamped down with small iron fittings and held in place with a Blackstone pin, meant to ensure some form of authenticity.

Antiquated Versions

Older Gravehunters tickets are still in circulation, made from a small iron ingot of the same dimensions as the current version. Due to their age, these tickets are usually covered in scratches and corrosion from the elements and are quite uncommon to see. They were eventually changed to their modern leather counterparts as a way to reduce the cost of manufacturing more tickets as more Gravehunters joined the guild’s ranks, as well as to appease minor complaints of the metal tickets causing holes in personal gear by wearing through packs, pouches, or pockets.

Miscellaneous Information

Primary location of redemption used to be in Graystone before the town was taken over by hostiles and the Gravehunter’s Guildhouse burned the ground. Currently the only known location for these tickets to be redeemed is in the Commerce District of Shatterhold.   The more unique items available in the Vault of the Gravehunters are brought in by Gravehunters themselves, acquired throughout their travels but not of any use to them. If an item is deemed valuable enough, it can be exchanged for a number of tickets as well.
Item type
Currency & Deeds
Negligible; no more than two ounces.
4 inches x 1.5 inches
Base Price
Exchangable value of 200 gold

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