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Dwarf Scrub


  Dwarf skin can be harsh, unyielding, and dry. In the frozen reaches, the dwarves have limited resources and using those limited resources on cosmetics in unheard of. Due to the harsh weather that the land is known for the dwarves, unfortunately, have a hard time keeping their skin from irritating them. To alleviate that problem, they have created an essential tool found in most dwellings of Worheim; a Dwarf Scrub. The hand scrub is a small and simple tool that provides many of the dwarves here a tiny bit of comfort. The dwarves here have used these hand made brushes for their skin for a few generations.  

The Scrub:

  A chunk of wool is wound up into a tight ball with a hand full of sand for an abrasive and exfoliating feeling. Wool to be used in these Scrubs is gathered from several resources. The most prevalent option for wool being the large and hairy Ox that roam the land. The cheapest and most often used form of scrub in a ball of ox wool and sand. A ball of higher grade wool from the farms and sheep in the southern region can be bought for a much higher price and are usually reserved for people with a little bit of wealth.  

The Oil:

  As they are avid hunters of the frozen oceans and tundras, many of their prey are large mammals with a plethora of fat. The dwarves use the blubber and other body parts of the whales in many different ways, and one important use is for oil. Melting down the blubber into an oil provides them with a much-needed lubricant on their dry and hard skin.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A nice solid lump of wool is swirled into a ball, and sand is added into the center of the sphere. The wool and sand offer as an excellent abrasive surface to remove dead skin while the wool also soaks the whale fate really to use as a moisturizer.


The creation and use of this particular tool has elevated the quality of life that the dwarves here live. They no longer have severe issues with cracking and irritated skin.
The Dwarf Scrub can be found in nearly every home in the realm of Worheim, less so in other realms where rubbing your self down in liquid whales fat isn't a necessity.


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