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Your Support and How It Will Be Utilized:

  All of the money gained for the support of Wizard Dreams Fantasy Creations and the world of Magmoia, whether it be from Merchandise, Twitch, Map Commissions, Patreon, or Donations will go directly into the Production Of Magmoia and our Company Wizard Dreams Fantasy Creations.   These costs include but are not limited to Commissioned Content (Ie Art, Music, and other various works for the world), Marketing, Printing, and any additional costs that will help Wizard Dreams Fantasy Creations continue to bring content from the World of Magmoia.  

Contributing Work:

  All content contributed to Magmoia or Wizard Dreams Fantasy Creations without the discussion of compensation beforehand is considered uncompensated fanwork.   Fanwork will be credited by the original creator and displayed publicly for all to view. Your name and your public website will be in the description of the work. Wizard Dreams Fantasy Creations may approach fanwork creators about their work for utilization as official work. At that point, compensation will be discussed.  

World Of Magmoia and Wizard Dreams Fantasy Creations

Wizard Dreams Fantasy Creations Makes No Claim Over Your Intelectual Property. Magmoia is licensed under a CC Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License—you may use it and derivatives of it with credit, but may not monetize for it. If you would like to commercialize content which uses Magmoia, then please feel free to reach out to either WDMichael or WDDevin for information. If you see someone who is commercializing Magmoia or Wizard Dreams Fantasy Creations please contact us and let us know.

Cover image: Wizard Sleeping WDFC by Jesse


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