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Travelers Swords

Travelers swords are shortswords that, as the name implies, are often carried by travelers of the world. They are a multipurpose tool that serve more than just being a sword useful for self-defense. They come with attachments and kits allowing one to use it as a makeshift shovel, a machette, a pair of scissors, a fire starter, a compass, and much more. Should one go camping, or just walking down a dirt trail, it is highly advised to take one of these multi-purpose swords just in case, and one can commonly buy them at any general store or blacksmith

Mechanics & Inner Workings

For most purposes, this sword is just that - a sword. Some styles have a hinge at the back of the blade that can be opened to create a pair of scissors, some have a broader blade similar to a machette, and so on.


Some believe that many great settlements have been founded on the backs of travelers that used these tools, and as such, are very important to have on you when going anywhere, even more important than something like a compass, unless of course, your traveler's shortsword has a compass built into it (like some paelite varieties).
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Commonly available at most blacksmiths, or general stores. Special designs require direct commissions to blacksmiths who know how to create specialized versions, and/or how to handle different materials if that is what one wants.
Dependent on material. Average iron or steel sword weighs ~3-4lbs, up to 5-7 with attachments and other gear present.
Standard: 15 inch-long blade, 3.5 inch-long grip. Small crossguard that is about 4 inches wide.
Base Price
Average cost is about 15 Caleran gold coins ($30 USD, not adjusted for inflation), but dependent on how customized the sword is.
Raw materials & Components
The average material cost of a simple shortsword requires at least two standard iron, steel, or paelite ingots, and a few pieces of leather or cloth for the grip. Other attachments or additional pieces require more materials.
A typical forge, anvil, smithing hammer, and other smithing tools are required to create a shortsword.

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