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The chronokeep is a complex bit of a technological marvel used in commonplace in more industrialized societies. In the wake of the rise of steam magitech which revolutionized just about all aspects of life keeping personal track of time became more prominent, important and common. In order to match this demand the chronokeep was created. A device that is a combination of what appears to be a pocketwatch with hands for hours, minutes and seconds, in the back face of it there is a mini magical display that shows what day of the month, week and year.   This display is the result of bound miniature illusions powered by a combination of steam, a small scale hourglass attached to the side of the apparatus and magic. The magic itself is a binding of tiny fire and water elementals to the contraption to create steam which in turn powers the hourglass and that in turn keeps track of time. From there an array of mechanical timekeeping is employed to do the rest. The hourglass is set beside the pocketwatch and rotates parallel to the rest of the device. The back and front of the watch itself can be opened using hinges set at the 6th hour of the day allowing it to stand on its own. This also allows for easy access at the mechanisms and bound elementals should anything need tuning.


Culturally significant as they were originally a symbol of citizenry in the kingdom of Apreau. Each one engraved with symbols representative of standing and profession/title in the kingdom on the front face of the cover. On the back cover the person's name, birthdate, and death date, where appropriate, would be engraved.
Common in industrialized societies and kept by lower middle to upper class individuals. They are more common now in this day than they were before the fall of Apreau.
60.11mm diameter x 25.4mm width
Base Price

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25 Jul, 2019 00:10

I liked the use of elementals to power the device, while the hourglass makes sense, it confuses me on how it is positioned in the device. Does the hourglass rotate?   I think your first paragraph can be broken into two.

, this is the bbcode for a paragraph. An illustration would be very beneficial for the article. I do understand if you are not an artist, or can pay for a commission, just a note for the future.

25 Jul, 2019 00:10

Sometimes the bbcode works in the comments, my apologizes. [ p] [ /p]

Azra Hawthorne
27 Jul, 2019 04:22

Thank you for the comment! As for the positioning of the hourglass and its rotation, I just updated that. To answer it does rotate and is positioned beside the device so it rotates parallel to it.