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"Finally." Lily reached into the gap between the armrest and cushion and pulled her wallet out.
"Embroidered? Didn't expect that from you." Phanae leaned on the dresser next to the door.
"A girl can like cute things. What does yours look like, then?" Lily checked her wallet before pocketing it.
Phanae reached into her belt bag and pulled out a thin, black piece. "One of the new slim women's wallets. They're going for pretty cheap at the market."
Lily shook her head. "There seems to be a recurring trend here in the capital that things for women have to be more and more useless. Can't keep wallets in pockets, gotta use bags, gotta have small wallets that can only hold so much, and so forth."
Phanae shrugged. "Price of progress."

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Wallets are small, folding pieces of cloth or leather that can hold paper money (Principality Trade Florins) in a tight and compact way.

Manufacturing process

Simple wallets can be manufactured at scale with the use of a properly configured autostitcher, with additions done by a skilled leatherworker.


With the introduction of the Principality Trade Florin, commerce for the first time became conducted using mostly paper money and not precious metal coinage. This meant that coin bags were on their way out, and the leather wallet became the preferred way to carry money and conduct business. Wallets are universally carried by most citizens of the Principality of Etoile.   The ubiquity of wallets has resulted in objects being made to be carried in wallets, and many organizations now print identification or membership documents in wallet-sized card form, to be carried in a wallet for convenience.
Item type
Less than a pound
Variant, typically the size of a palm
Base Price
A florin or two for an inexpensive example, up to a hundred florins for fancier pieces.
Raw materials & Components
Typically strips of leather or cloth, sewn together.

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