Communication Unit

With travel and relations between systems well established since the Sixth Era, the CU has become a highly developed and integral part of society, allowing frequent and reliable communications. With the ever expanding Intergalactic Information Network (IGIN) sending messages and keeping in contact with business partners, family, and friends from separate ends of the intergalactic community is as easy as calling your next door neighbor.  

Everyday Uses

  From entertaining uppity children to passing the time in a waiting room, CU's have it all. Every device has a built in call feature allowing you to contact anyone whose device code you have, or just shoot them a note! They can read it and respond whenever!
You can even indulge in video calls, talking face to face for long distance interviews or to friends and family when you're missing them.   Utilizing the IGIN satellites for more than just direct communications, the CU's also provide access to a variety of platforms and the vast network that connects everyone! Simply open up the Information Network app that comes pre-downloaded on your CU and surf away!  

A Model for Everyone

  With dozens of different models ranging from simple, compact, and slim devices for those who only need a handy piece of tech for calls, to the latest hard light touch screen CU's loaded with fun games and access to the fastest servers in the Universe!

New Release!

Get the new 'No Frame' Hard Lite CUTM
Now smaller than ever with only two small magnetic strips that fit easily into any pocket! Simply pull the two pieces apart to activate the hard light touch screen! Now adjustable up to 1x2 feet! Click here to get it at an amazing discount!
Image of CU

Satellite Edge

  Four of the latest technology satellites orbit every major planet to make sure you get the IGIN speeds of tomorrow! Network satellites hover in fixed locations between planets to give your signal the added boost it needs to keep your connections strong no matter where you are, on planet or during travel. Specialty satellites are stationed on either side of the THRU Rings as well! Transmitting data bursts through the slipspace tunnels to insure rapid and unhindered connection speeds between systems!
With new satellites being installed around the smaller planets and inhabited moons, you can now experience blazing fast IGIN speeds almost anywhere!
Item type
Electronic / Cybernetic
Related Technologies
5 - 125g
Base Price
500 - 8,000 credits


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