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ID chip

IDC::11/1/1/AAAAA   Name: Sample Person   Species: Sample Species   DoB: Day/Month/Year   Medical: Sample info   Galriks: 999999
— A sample ID chip
    ID chips are implanted in a person's neck, or similar body part, upon birth, or upon their species joining the Galactian Prime. They store a minimal amount of data; name, species, date of birth, medical conditions, both chronic and in the last 6 months and amount of Galriks.   The ID chips are commonly scanned when travelling throughout the Galactian Prime, visiting a doctor, accessing private property such as houses or spaceships and upon completing transactions of money. The chips can also be scanned in the event of medical emergency (as a way to identify the person, as well as to enable any medical conditions to be treated), and are used to identify the dead.   Upon death the chips are wiped of any data stored and reassigned or stored ready to be reassigned. Currently there are 34875 ID chips in storeage.  
AIC::11/1/1/AAAAA   Model: Sample Model   Type: Sample Type   DoC: Day/Month/Year   Company: Sample Company
— A sample ID chip
  Artificial Intelligence's also use these ID chips to identify people, as the way they 'see' the world is different to how actual people see it, and they are also given a version of these chips themselves. Upon deactivation these chips, like ID chips and the rest of the Artificial Intelligence, are recycled.


Stores basic information about each person, improves security, allows for identification, helps people get medical treatment.

Item type
Electronic / Cybernetic
Galactian Prime
Extremely Common, every person in the Galactian Prime has one and, unless they were already alive when their species joined the Galactian Prime, they have had it since birth.
50 grams
5 mm x 3 mm

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