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Content loaded! Viewing article Galriks on Galactipedia in language English.   Galriks are the form of cryptocurrency used within the galactian prime, which consists of three different levels of currency. There are 10 galnits in a galbit, and 10 galbits in a galrik. The value of a galrik is set, and cannot be changed unless it is hacked into, meaning that the problems of inflation and deflation are avoided entirely. The average entry wage is about 10 galriks an hour.

Manufacturing process

There are two ways to hack your, or someone else's, number of galriks. The first is to steal the money from someone else by creating a hidden transaction. The second is to increase your galrik balance by, in effect, creating new galriks. To do this you first need access to a non-AI compad.   Then, you need to hack into the Galactian Centre's bank, and follow the steps below to incre   THIS CONTENT HAS BEEN BLOCKED FROM YOUR COMPAD BY [12237:79742:60374] - REASON: EXPLANAITION OF HOW TO COMMIT A CRIME. Skipping to next available information   ...   ...   ...


Transpeciel/transystemal currency used in the Galactian Prime. Has replaced the previously existing currencies of GP member species and stellar systems.

Item type
Currency & Deeds
Current Location
The Field of Stars
Galactian Prime
Related Technologies
Owning Organization
Galactian Prime
Galriks are commonly mentioned and used throughout the Galactian Prime, as they are the currency used there. Towards the edges of GP territory the mentions of Galriks, and their usage, grow less and less. Whilst they can be physically (or rather, digitally) used outside of GP territory, it's almost unheard of as the chances of two groups of people being in the same region outside the GP is extremely low, due to both the size of the GP and the galaxy.
Base Price
1 Galrik
Raw materials & Components

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23 Feb, 2019 00:23

this leads me to ask. how was it decided to resort to a 10 base system in a galactic empire? or is the currency adapted for each race's numbering convention?

23 Feb, 2019 08:34

It was taken as the closest whole number to the mean of the original five species most common numbering convention.

23 Feb, 2019 15:46

That's a nice tidbit to include in the book. good work!