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  Compads are graphene-based tablets which function much in the same way as a Human's computer. All of their data, aside from the firmware and BIOS, is stored in the @nebula which is a cloud of small data storage disks, each of which store a zettabyte of data, which float around in space and connect to the Central Databank at the Galactian Centre . Most species are given a compad when they enter the childhood phase of their life, often between ages 3 and 7, and most people keep the same Compad for the rest of their life, with hardware updates often used in place of replacement pads.   Compads come with a specific string set up which cannot be changed. This is used in direct/group messages, as well as when editing pages, to make sure the recipient is the correct person. A persons D/GM display name can be changed by the person in the settings.   Everyone over 10 years of age with a compad is given a Public Account. This allows them to interact with social networking sites and update Pages that they are given access to. (Page Access levels: No Access (only the owner can access it) Read Only (only the owner can edit it, anyone can read it) Moderated Rewrite (owner can block edits) Read Write (anyone can edit it))   Communication between the device and the nearest Nebula uses Superluminals. From there the Nebula sends it through hyperspace to the other Nebulae. Data transfer through hyperspace is almost instantaneous. Superluminals can take between 5 seconds and 2 minutes.


Used for communication and as a version of internet technology which can do anything a computer can, plus more. Model by Snooze on Sketchfab
Grekik Nitekz
Access & Availability
Upon reaching a certain age, normally about 3-7 years, citizens are given a compad. The Galactian Prime considers it a right of everyone over that age to have a compad.
Superluminals and data Nebulas are also needed to connect compads together.

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