Wedding Knives

A way of showing love and appreciation

She'd known he loved her, of course she knew that. But she hadn't quite realised how far he'd go for her before that day.
He'd pulled out the most intricate knife she'd ever seen; it was made from the purest silver and bedazzled with emeralds. She'd gotten him and equally masterfully crafted knife and now they both hung on their wall. Connected with a string, of course.
  Wedding knives are an important part of Ashigan culture, and no one proposes without one. Technically, all blades can be used as a wedding knife, but some knives will get you longer than others. Generally, a partner would appreciate a more personal knife more. Many go to great lengths to personalise them, both in colour, shape, size and even with engravings.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Related ethnicities
0,4 - 0,7 kg
Blade: 30-50 cm
by Ninne124

Tradition specifics

  Generally, one part gives a wedding knife at the actual proposal. If the proposal is accepted, then the two are engaged. The engagement lasts for the period from the first wedding knife to the second. The partner who gifted the first knife has to receive one back before the actual wedding can commence. After the wedding, their knives are generally tied together with a string.   Some choose to use it in their everyday life instead, then the string is cut in two equal bits and tied to each dagger. In such cases, the strings are fastened to one another when the dagger is hung up again. It's supposed to be a sign of connection, but not full-on dependence. The two who get married are not permitted to do everything together, which is why some choose to handle the knives that way instead.  
Guys! Ilkena gave me a wedding knife last night, we're getting married! Now I just have to find the right one for her as well...
— Man who just got proposed to

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