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The warriors of the western isles

The ashiga have always intimidated other humans. Most are well-trained soldiers and strategists. It's a common joke in Edrea, that they're only alive because the ashiga like their warm isles way better than they like Morlea.
  The Ashiga people are well-known around the world for being violent and well-trained warriors. However, this perception isn't entirely accurate. The Ashiga are very skilled tactics due to their effective way of passing on knowledge to their younger generations and educating them. The Ashiga do have some traditions that might be seen as warrior-like, but to the ashiga, they're just regular things you do.  

General physical appearance

Height Average human height.
Frame Often quite bulky.
Mostly because of training.
A tendency to big calves.
Eyes Brown
Green (rare)
Hair colours Black
Hair texture Thick
Skin colour Fair to medium
  Ashiga do not resemble Northerners nor Southeners in their physical appearance. They generally have very dark hair, as well as dark facial features. They have defined eyebrows and eyelashes as well as a tendency to grow beards.   They generally have monolid eyes, though some have the same type of eyes as the northerners due to Edrean ancestry at some point in their family lineage. Their skin tones are usually cool and generally not darker than medium-tanned.   Ashiga people have a higher chance of getting moles or freckles, compared to the rest of the Ishodera inhabitants.
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Also commonly known as:
The western isles


The Ashiga have many unique traditions, but there are mainly two which are only seen in the Ashiga people. Not even their fellow islanders have these traditions. It might look violent and barbaric on the surface, but in reality, these traditions are very sophisticated and draw the Ashiga even closer together.    

The Winter Solstice Brawl-out

The first tradition happens on the shortest day of the year, which is also at the end of the year. It's become a common tradition that people brawl out their differences on the day of the winter solstice.   If they've had problems with someone over the course of the year, they're encouraged to try and solve it. If they're still mad, they're encouraged to just forget about it.   At least forget about it until the winter solstice brawlout. On this day, you're allowed to throw hands with anyone, given you have a good reason.   You must challenge whomever you want to brawl against and then the fight has to happen in an assigned area, usually the town-square. The rules are simple, fight until one person forfeits or faints.
No killing.
Official brawl challenge paper
Winter solstice brawl   Year:_____   Name of challenger: ________ Age:___
Name of challenged: ________ Age:___   Reason for fight:_________   Place:______   Time:______   Approved by:________

Wedding knives

The second tradition is very talked-about in The Kingdom of Edrea, since they find it especially odd. It involves marriage and a knife, particularly a knife you present as you ask someone to marry you, also called Wedding Knives.   It's typical for both men and women to be the ones to propose and it's expected that you present your partner with a knife they'll love. Engagement lasts until the other partner has also gotten their significant other a knife. The blades are used in the marriage ceremony to cut a string tied from the person getting married and to their parents.
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When the strings have been cut, a new cord is tied between the married couple. However, it is not a short cord but a long cord. The length signifies that they're married but they're still individuals and they can do things together as well as on their own.   After the ceremony, the knives are usually hung in their shared home with each end of the cord tied to the handles of the blades. If a couple gets divorced, they generally either sell the knives or give them back. It has gone wrong a couple of times when someone got so mad that they threw the knives.

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