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A laylink is the common name for a wide variety of items with a similar focus, properties, and capabilities.   The proper term for these items are "Layer Link Ups". They are bound, nonsapient spirits which can sense the world, store and process information, and enable communication with one another across vast distances.   In its most common form, the physical form these spirits are bound to tends to be a small disk worn on a band around the wrist or otherwise worked into an accessory on a persons body. When in use, the spirit manifests as an abstract virtual layer around the disk, allowing their authorized user to interact with it and command the spirit, as well as communicate with others bearing laylinks they have shared Addresses with.   However, there are other forms, such as implants into which these spirits are bound, crystal matricies that serve as laylinks as one of their functions, domesticated or crafted beings to fill similar roles, and rarer still are cultures who deliberately cultivate a portion of their ki to fill such a roll.   There are four tiers of laylinks, based on the ranges they're able to communicate across as well as the power of the spirits within them:
  1. Loci: The most common type of laylink, these have access to the sphere of the genus locus they were built within. So long as the connected laylink is in the same locus, their bearers may communicate, and they may access unrestricted information within the locus. Traveling merchants oftentimes have multiple laylinks on a single article, connecting the spirits while granting them access to multiple loci's worth of laylinks.
  2. Planetos: A rarer, but still often found and created form of laylink, the spirits bound in these disks are linked to an actual Genus Planetos, and can communicate with any other laylink while on that planetos, as well as access any unrestricted information from that planetos. Unlike loci laylinks, multiple planetos laylinks are rarely woven into a singular accessory. Anyone who has the means and need for such a quality accessory also tends to have the means to get the higher tier lunar laylink.
  3. Lunar: The highest rating of laylink that people possess in any meaningful numbers, and the highest rating that can be produced. Megacorps tend to procure these for their executives and upper management. The most powerful people in the Observatory may even possess a quartet of lunar laylinks, allowing them similar functionality to the nearly mythical solar laylink. A more common form of usage for these is to have a central lunar laylink in an accessory as well as several planetos laylinks arranged around it, as lunar laylinks can have spotty reception, these common planetos visited allow one to maintain a solid connection to these attached genus planetos even on distant corners of the Observatory.
  4. Solar: Nearly mythical, little is known about this tier of laylink, each one unique, and their possessors oftentimes extremely secretive. The specifics of what they are capable of and have access to are unknown.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The disk acts as an anchor for a non-sapient bound spirit. These spirits are specially designed to have access to certain sub-layers to communicate with one another, store data, and easily connect with other bound spells, spirits, or technology.
Item type
Extremely Common
~100-200 grams

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