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A circulator is a specialized cold stone which also creates a small wind current within the room where it is placed, regulating the air temperature and removing excess heat. They are created when an Elementalist carves the appropriate runes into a well-grounded stone, then performs the ritual to attune the stone to water and air.   With proper maintenance to re-attune the stone and verify its runes every five years a well-grounded circulator can last forever. If not re-attuned the magic will eventually fade, requiring the Elementalist to re-smooth and re-ground the stone before beginning the manufacturing process from the beginning.

Manufacturing process

The Elementalist must locate the stones for use in their native environment, to determine if the stone itself is sufficiently grounded for use. Many Elementalists do employ assistants or apprentices to locate potential candidates before traveling to the location to verify the quality of the stone. A well grounded stone will already be attuned to the earth, providing a strong foundation for the spellwork required.   Once a stone has been approved the Elementalist will then carve the appropriate runes into the stone to allow it to harness the air. Upon carving the runes the Elementalist will then place the stone on the ground and hand wash it, allowing water to tricky through their fingertips onto the stone before gently caressing the now-wet stone.   These steps are taken to attune the stone properly to the elemental magic fields. If done properly the stone will draw out the warmth in the nearby air and replace it with cold, while also generating a gentle breeze within the room where it is placed. A sufficiently grounded stone once properly attuned will require re-attuning to the elements every five years, at which point the integrity of the runes will also be evaluated and adjusted as needed.


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Raw materials & Components
A circulator is typically manufactured from an easily handled stone. This could be any type of stone as long as it will accept the carving of runes, although smoothed stones, crystal formations, or half-geodes are the most popular options.
A chisel and hammer are required to facilitate the carving of runes into the stone. Some Elementalists also use brushes and paint to decorate the stones, although the runes themselves must be engraved first.

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