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Elementalists are magical users specializing in the use of common elements such as water, fire, or air. An individual could specialize in the full uses of a single element or pursue an education in different traits for several elements and their use in a particular capacity.   While many professions benefit from a basic understanding and usage of elemental magic an elementalist has a deep knowledge of their element or elements of choice and many of their uses.



An elementalist must have an ability to utilize magic, either through natural attunement or the use of a focus. They must also be experienced in grounding themselves or items within their element of choice and be able to control that element.   Elementalists first learn how to channel their magic, only learning the crafting of runes upon mastery of the channel. Additional qualification requirements depend upon which classification of Elementalist the individual wishes to pursue. The skills required by a Handyman vary greatly from those desired in a Battle Mage.

Career Progression

Elementalists frequently begin their careers as apprentices to other elementalists, learning their mentor's skills and specialties. Many apprentices once trained serve in their mentor's role in society, although a few more talented individuals will accept another mentor and begin a new apprenticeship in a different branch of the profession.

Payment & Reimbursement

Payment depends upon the elementalist's chosen specialization and career choices. Some elementalists prefer the life of an adventurer or mercenary, accepting payment for services or selling discovered treasures. Others take on specific roles in society, frequently manufacturing runed items such as cold stones and selling their products.
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