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Frostfire/Magicite Refrigerator

Spell/runeforging used on and insulated box so it can conserve food

Special thanks to Rosana Dos Santos Pinto for helping with the brainstorming and naming for this item


"Come on in and buy your frostfire! Our new innovation in food preservation, the fridge that uses rune magic to keep your food nice and cooled, with no need to recharge, ever!"
— a merchant annoucing their new frostfire fridge

Solving the problems of food conservation, the Frostfire Refrigerator makes use of the Runeforging technology to keep an insulated box cold for an indefinite amount of time. While more expensive than the Magicite refrigerator, it doesn't rely on recharges and will work as long as its runes aren't damaged.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A large, double-layered steel box, with an insulation layer made of sheep wool between them, keeps the outside heat from entering the box. A door, constructed the same way, is sealed tightly and securely through the use of magnets.

In the newest Frostfire model, a Frost rune on the inside constantly absorbs the heat, that is transferred and released through a Fire rune on the back, keeping the inside cooled.

The older and simpler model uses the same concept for the box, but a Frost-charged magicite is put into the box to cool it and keep it cooled when in use. While much more simple, the magicite needs to be recharged periodically, which is inconvenient and costly in the long term.


The fridge, as the magicite refrigerator is called, was an important invention for years. But the frostfire, with its convenience and no need for upkeep, is a constant reminder of the possibilities of runeforging. It has made life easier, and cheaper, as everyone expected from this new technology.

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