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Rattler Hair Stick

Hair sticks are a common accessory worldwide. They are perfect to hold a hair bun or similar hairstyle in place. Usually they are made from wood or metal. In Ghynzua however it is tradition to make them from rattler bone.

The Craft

Making rattler hair sticks is serious business in Ghynzua. People often safe up money for many years just to get their hands on a unique piece. This does not mean that artisans don't take pride in their more common designs. Each hair stick, no matter how simple the design, is handcarved with great care. The shape of the stick varies from strait to curved. More exotic shapes are also sold, like the double toothed hair stick or the crescent pin.


The most common, and cheapest, decorations are painted patterns. More often though the patterns are handcarved into the stick. This is a time consuming work and depending on the complexity of the design this can up the price of the hair stick significantly. There are several common designs any artisan of rattler hair sticks learns during their training. The most skilled artisans often develop their own unique patterns though. Those unique designs are off limits for others. It is seen as a big disgrace to copy someone else's trademark design. For a beginning rattler hair stick artisan this can easily be the end of their career. The more expensive chopsticks are often inlaid with various materials like wood, gemstones and metals. The top of the hair stick is sometimes made out of different material, usually this will be metal. Dangling strings of beads can also be added. The most elaborate hair sticks easily sell for a small fortune.

Historical use

Rattler hair sticks have been in use for thousands of years. From simple, barely decorated, sticks for commoners to more luxurious and heavily decorated sticks for nobles.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Length: 12.7cm (5in) - 23cm (9in)


The rattler hair sticks are an important export product for Ghynzua. In many cities in the world they are in high demand.  

Rattler bone

Rattler bone is a loved product for artisans of various crafts. It is white as snow and very strong.

With thanks to Qurillion for the inspiration for this article.

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