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Praise of the sturdy hoe

Much can be said about the backs of farmers when they toil away in their fields. Thousands upon thousands of these fine people choose to feed the populace for a pittance of their actual worth. They plant, water, harvest, and grow and grow. The farmers owe it all to the hoe.   A hoe is an farming implement but a instrument in the right hands. A well-versed farmer may hoe a field it the time it takes to plow. The hoe is all to thank. Its versatility does it extra credit, for it can be used as a weapon in a pinch, cutting back brush, trimming lawns, knocking back bees nests, reaching on the top shelf, pushing something potentially dangerous away, and so many more. It is said the horse is the true hero of the farmer, but nay I say it is the hoe. No man may say, "This is the true hero!" without considering the work a hoe does on a daily basis.   Indeed, after interviewing several dozen farmers in Kormice and then the fields of Lochish, all agree upon questioning that the hoe is unanimous winner of most favorable tool. A farmer once told of his encounter with a viper, and what should save him from the serpent but a trusty hoe. And how should Fen Szem Wort be discovered if not from a mad farmer and his hoe? Many other discoveries and salvations can be easily attributed to the hoe. The farmers insist on its deification among them. No serious man would pray to a hoe, or build a shrine and sacrifice a goat to one, but the farmers in earnest speak of hoe upkeep as if it were a clergyman's sermon for mass in Pelor's Grand Cathedral.   The hoe stands testament to the ingenuity of simplicity. An overlooked item by some, but to others it is always the right tool for almost any job on the farm or otherwise.


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