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Guri Cup

A glazed, handle-less cup. It has a glaze that resembles the incoming tide.

Guri cups are handleless ceramic mugs used for all kinds of things. They originate from The Iji Islands and are fired in a Guri Temple kiln.   The glazes vary from town to town, but the most common design is a glaze that resembles the tide washing onto the beach.   On the underside of every cup is the symbol of Guritism. Ijians often press this into pastries and biscuits, using the cup as a template for baking that also has a relief design. It's the easiest way to make Guri Cookies !   The cup has no handle so that Rakuwa can hold it with their claws as well. The guri cups vary in thickness, so Humans may need to be cautious of heat when handling them.   Common uses:
  • Drinking vessel
  • Collecting items, like shells or coins
  • Playing games, like hide the pea, or used as a dice cup
  • Storing items, like tools or brushes
  • As part of a display of cups
  • Baking template for biscuits and pastries
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Owning Organization
Guri Temple
Building / Landmark | Nov 29, 2022

A place of worship for the followers of Guritism in the Iji Islands of Rengia.

Organization | Nov 20, 2022

The peace keeping religion of The Iji Islands. The one with the big angry fire octopus deity.

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