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The peace keeping religion of The Iji Islands. The one with the big angry fire octopus deity.

Guritism is a religion that began in The Iji Islands, a small cluster of tropical isles to the west of Galotia. Guris worship the ancient deity known as Gurita, a giant fire-octopus that lives in an active volcano at the centre point of the islands.   There are eight tenets to live by, and the religion has strict values of cleanliness and non-violence.   Despite this, many argue that Guritism contradicts itself by worshipping such a violent deity. Ancient stories tell of Gurita smiting sinners of the island, spitting fire from the skies, engulfing pilgrims in lava and even burying entire nations alive under a smothering blanket of ash.   Guris firmly believe that by following the tenets, they will keep Gurita happy and prevent this violence from happening.  

Tenets of Faith

For every firey limb of Gurita, there is a tenet you must live by. For every tenet you break, you risk the smite of each molten tentacle.
  1. Live a life of peace. Resolve things without violence.
  2. Maintain the natural beauty of your homeland.
  3. Care for your self first, before caring for others.
  4. Exercise your body, and your mind will be at peace.
  5. Exercise your mind, and your body will be at peace.
  6. Pass your teachings to others, as lessons were once passed to you.
  7. Protect the islands, and the isles will protect you.
  8. Consume only your fill, so that others may feed.
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