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The Iji Islands

A large archipelago off the tropical coastline of the Arklendian continent.

The Iji Islands are a large archipelago off the tropical coastline of the Rengian continent. The isles are predominantly occupied by a large population of Rakuwa, while other seafaring folk who live here have adopted many of their cultural values.  
The Iji Islands
The islands are split into three main coastal districts:  
  1. The Head Islands
    Home to the capital and main population of the country.
  3. The Belly Islands
    The actively volcanic central islands.
  5. The Wild Islands
    Largely unpopulated (aside from the small, isolated settlement of Sepi) and home to the tropical rainforests and venomous creatures of the Jade Forest Nature Reserve.
  The capital city of Jug /dʒug/ is located on the large nothern island called the Head Isle and is home to the largest trade port in the country.  


The Iji Islands provide a main export of Glow-Jelly to The Jolundrian Empire which in turn has helped the island prosper and has improved their quality of life tremendously.   In addition to their successful fishing industry, the archipelago is also well known for its export of Ijokori, a jade-like material native to the isles that is commonly used for fine jewelry and ornate decorations.   Smaller exports include: obsidian mined from The Belly Islands, traditional Ijian food from The Head Islands, and exotic pets from The Wild Islands.


In exchange for their exports, The Iji Islands receive valuable goods from The Jolundrian Empire including foreign woods, spices, and precious metals which they rely heavily on for their shipbuilding and dockyards.    
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  • The Iji Islands
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Jade Forest Nature Reserve
Geographic Location | Oct 9, 2023

A huge tropical nature reserve that covers the southern half of The Iji Islands.

Species | Nov 20, 2022

A sapient race of crabfolk that live along the warm coastal regions of Melior. They are very clean beings and take care in their appearance and pride in their homes.

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