The bustling tradeport capital of The Iji Islands.

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Jug /dʒug/ is the bustling trade port capital of The Iji Islands and is located on the idyllic coastline of The Head Isle, the largest island of the tropical archipelago.   The predominant folk in the city's population are Rakuwan, with a minority of other folks coming in on trading ships from across the world.  

Trading Port

The dockside is the heart of the city and it breathes coin into the port with the rising and falling of each tide. The capital has strong connections to the Arklendian continent as well as regular trade routes across the tropical Sea of Esses into Anvil.  
The Iji Islands
Imports & Exports
The Iji Islands provide a main export of Glow-Jelly to The Jolundrian Empire which in turn has helped the island prosper and has improved their quality of life tremendously. In addition to their successful fishing industry, the archipelago is also well known for its export of Ijokori, a jade-like material native to the isles that is commonly used for fine jewelry and ornate decorations.   In exchange for their exports, Jug receives valuable goods from countries across The Jolundrian Empire including foreign woods, spices, and precious metals which they rely heavily on for their shipbuilding and dockyards.
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The Iji Islands
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A large archipelago off the tropical coastline of the Arklendian continent.

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