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Suryo the Tinkerer

A great inventor from The Iji Islands who made udarra bird transport smoother by creating the stabilization gyro.

Suryo was born in Jug, the capital city of The Iji Islands over 600 years ago in the Dark Age. He was an inquisitive person, and as a child was fascinated by how things worked. He would always deconstruct his toys to find things out, before swiftly putting them back together again in case he got into trouble (he even helped to fix broken toys that his friends would bring him).    

Smooth Soaring

The Iji Islands
His knack for fixing things earned him a lot of coin as he grew older. He was respected by many, yet, due to his dwarfism, he felt like he didn't always fit in with group activities and adventures. He wanted to see things from a higher perspective, and this passion lead him to his greatest invention yet: the stabilisation gyro .   Previously, udarra birds in the islands were only able to carry heavily padded cargo, as their flight movement would cause things to jostle around and get damaged. It was certainly too nauseating for passengers or livestock to be transported in this manner - but now with the new gyros, the containers stay in the same upright position throughout the entire flight.   Suryo was one of the first passengers to test out the smoothness of this new found journey. Udarra flights are now one of the most common methods of transport across The Iji Islands.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Current Location
Date of Birth
Midday 4th Blumecall -53 DA
Date of Death
Dimday 12th Feastcall -8 DA
53 OT 8 OT 45 years old
The Iji Islands
Organization | Nov 30, 2022

A large archipelago off the tropical coastline of the Arklendian continent.

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