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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Write about a great thinker in your world and the impact they had on society.
A total of 254 entries

Ilektor, the Speaker

Sauti Ioannis Saulis

Eve Nightfall the Prismatic Quill

Aascar'ri: The Mad God

Àjikià̃ Mertush

The tortoise wanderer

Lomar The Scribe

Yorcrath of Clan Dendandrian

Chairman Harold Deepdelver

Zi'daruk of the Nectar

The First Philospher, Dimiadis

Balaeron Marcovici

Refrim Scrollfire

The Great Mage, Delmira Voniara

Ariston the Thinker

Cilritanë a'Detvida

Xeyebok, the Rapacious Eye

Nateren, The Scion of Earth

Tiberius Nimbleroot

Sarskia Amaisolani

Iolaire, the Binder

Aurelio of Coruscion

Scolla the Teacher of Jukalog

Hortace et l'utilitarisme

Pytclank Tinkerloop

Doctor Gregory Zalium

Hieron Nollerute

Kaillum the Cartographer

Khenbish of Clan Pema

Tyrel of Witherthorpe

Artitle the Philosopher

Garamond Sandspitter aka DJ Daft aka The Daft Monk

Janrik the Mount Whisperer

Alan the Adventurer

Advancement in Magical Teachings by Gilly of the Thetzle islands.

Princess Erani, House Tannergarl

Jeff the insanely intelligent AI

Suryo the Tinkerer

The Theory of Weird - the philosophy of Dial Sojourn

Kanat'hila Sontimaran

Jacques Berrineaux

Meijin, of the First Oath

Venerable Mother Sophia

Ketlîks Çunŧrěl VIII

Akylin Sormatras

Subha Al-Waz, the Hajdibi desert explorer

Daya the Unrelenting

Chancellor Shyrreth Palathen'm

Teklo Tengwelai: Mastermind of the First Truth

Min-aniara Laita

Pedro Jobbnar Volantus

Bryce Westminster IV

Maximilian Umbridge, inventor betrayed by his king

† Sebastyan-Charles Hammond Rychard Ödynger

Alexander Constatine, the First Archeon

Lestanthir Valwynn the Magus

Baldrur Merethlo Ticaan

Sage covered with moss

Arthur Livingstone

The Locksmith and The Watchmaker

Argas Dineth III of House Montel

St. Isidore the Incorruptible