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Scolla the Teacher of Jukalog

Great Teacher Scolla

Bowmark hazarded another sentence. “Your son has taught me much, which I also appreciate.”   The barn filled with sibilant Zledek. Scossa whined in Common, “My son was meant to teach tezledeks. Not humans.”   Inspiration struck. “Anyone can teach a good student. It takes a master to teach an inept student.”   The barn filled with buzzing laughter.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

“I am remembering why I left on the first cheese wagon I was allowed to board.”   Bowmark adjusted his new leather jacket. “How old were you?”   “Twenty-five. We do not consider our children fit to make judgments until then. We are allowed only to do what we are told. At twenty we are apprenticed, I to a teacher. I sat silently for five years watching my master teach. After the lessons, he would explain his methodology. After the five years came my Coming of Age Day. Our people say that if one has not learned how to behave properly by then, he never shall. The following morning, I left.”

Gender Identity



Jukalog Tezledk Tutor


A traveling scholar and author, Scolla provides lucid facts and commentary about North Akinda and StoneGrove Archipelago. He specializes in groundbreaking work on Human subjects.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The first Tezledek to find a new territory for expansion in over 240 years. His work with understanding human psychology has lead to better relations with, and manipulation of Humans for the good of all Talifar. Additionally, Scolla saved the famous author Sononi after she was attacked by a Driddion.

Mental Trauma

Other tezledek feel that his inappropriately close work with humans such as Bowmark has caused him some kind of mental problems. Though this is commonly said in conjunction with the great respect he has among them, the condition is seen as an excusable -or even lovable- quirk of his genius.

Intellectual Characteristics

An undoubtedly high intellect and tenacious spirit. His curiosity and creativity set him apart.

Personality Characteristics


Scolla craves attention and respect for his considerable skill and work. He wants to make a name for himself, as well as to find a suitable mate and raise exceptional offspring.
Current Location
Year of Birth
2430 A.C. 70 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Black and blue with a slight iridescence to human eyes. Indescribable colors in three horizontal stripes to other tezledek.
76 cm ( (30 inches)
10 kilos (22 pounds)
Known Languages
Tezledek, Common, Rumsha

Cover image: by Josh Foreman
Character Portrait image: Scolla by Josh Foreman


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