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StoneGrove Archipelago

An isolated volcanic archipelago in the middle of the Great Ocean. Land-home to a kingdom of human sunbelters called the Sea Predators. Underwater home to the StoneGrove shlak.


Northern-most island is an intermittently active volcano, but the rest of the islands in the chain are not. StoneShell is the largest and central island, part of a massive collapsed caldera. Tall, steep, cliffs and mountains bisect the island. The southern islands are older and more eroded with softer features. Located just south of the equator, StoneGrove is covered in lush jungle vegetation, primarily on the western sides due to regular rains blowing in from the southwest.

Fauna & Flora

Deep and dense jungle cover most of the islands. A variety of beach ecosystems exist around the thousands of kilometers of coastline. Mostly white sand, but sometimes interrupted by black, brown or red. Indiginous boars and monkeys are the largest land animals, but the humans brought chickens, dogs, rats and others.   Several variety of venomous snakes and insects are common. Donbi spiders and eight-legged snakes are the most dangerous among them.

Natural Resources

Obsidian, flint, copper and tin are bountiful. Marine wildlife abundant.
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