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Commoner House (StoneGrove Archipelago)

Written by JoshForeman

NineToes gripped his shoulder and murmured in his ear, “It won’t be so bad. You’ll see. Come on, let’s go to your new home.”   Bowmark nodded weakly.   NineToes chuckled. He led Bowmark to the bamboo house and sprang lightly to the waist-high veranda. He ducked into the central room crowded with people. Bowmark followed, using the steps.

Purpose / Function

A home on the StoneGrove Archipelago is a warm and intimate place. Usually housing at least two generations, the cozy dimensions necessitate continual interaction with every member of the family. The house in StoneGrove is idealized as clean, safe and friendly. Everyone must wash their feet before entering, and food preparation is an an almost continual process. Because of the small size, it's rare to have visiting families, but neighborhood children are often circulating.


Most Commoner homes are one large room with curtains separating areas as needed. A hearth always occupies the center of the room. Pantry items, toiletries and clothing are kept in sacks that hang on the walls. Hammocks are strung up on load bearing members only at night.

Contents & Furnishings

Hearth, pots and pans, ladles and other cooking utensils, towels, brushes, brooms, hammocks, nets, spears, ax, knives, stool, mats, candles, lamps, curtains, cushions, hats, clothes, gourds, toys, etc.


Buildings on StoneGrove are built of woods lashed together with cordage most often made from olonā. Tussock grass bundles are the most common form of roofing, but homes of Royals and temples are often roofed with wood slats. Homes are almost always built on stilts, usually a meter off the ground. Most doors slide, though some are hinged. Windows are wood-slats and usually hinged.


The Commoner style of home differs from the traditional Sea Predator style, relying on materials that need to be renewed and repaired more often, but when afford more flexibility when moving or expanding is necessary.
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