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The great explorer.

"Darosi got lost in the jungle and I had to go find him. When I eventually did, he was hanging upside down, caught in a trap. As if he hadn't a care in the sky he was dangling there writing in his notebook about a flower that brushed up against his face. When I got him down he ignored my advice to return to the ship saying something about wanting to find whoever had set the trap. When he wants to find something not even I can change his mind. He had a point though, something - someone - had set the trap and I had felt as if I was being watched for the better part of a cycle."
— Excerpt from Ryza's Travel Journal No. 3

The Makings of an Explorer

Darosi was born in the small village of Regeri in the spring of 298RB. He learned from his family how to safely fish over the side of Breharan and became quite skilled at it. Simultaneously at this young age he took an interest in art which would lead him to the great city of Darapur where he would study art among other things at Jamaira.   It was there that he would take a particular interest in maps. He became very good at creating practical maps but also at using his artistic background and creating maps that provoke the imagination and catch the eye. He produced a number of artistic maps of the city which he sold for a small amount - these maps are now worth a hefty sum. It was his skill as a chartographer which would earn him his place in the crew on the first voyage of a skyship.

The First Flight

"The Skyfarers lived their lives among the clouds and I now have that same opportunity. I have learned so much in such a short period of time and can only begin to imagine what they learned in a lifetime as they explored every island in the sky."
— Exerpt from Darosi's Journal No. 1
The most important moment in the history of Breharan is the cycle that Darosi boarded the first skyship and set off on a life-changing journey. Despite the fame that came with being the first explorer - a title he did not choose and insisted should be shared with the entire crew - he remained the humble and curious man he was when he left.

The Journals

Most of what is known about Darosi is taken from his journals and the words and writing of his crewmates - particularly Captain Ryza. The records seem to collaborate his writings and reveal many things about him. He was a skilled navigator but a poor negotiator. He often fell ill during his travels - likely due to encountering new diseases on these new islands - but it still seemed more frequent than the rest of the crew.   Ryza noted that he would gesture wildly and talk at increasing speed when he was excited. She also wrote that while he never carried himself like a soldier or a hero, he would become quiet and withdrawn when outside of his comfort zone and often avoided parties with the crew.

The Final Flight

The last sighting of the Harani was in 22EX and one year later the crew was declared dead. Their legacy lives on in art, on the stage, and on the page.


Sandy skin and messy shoulder-length black hair are common features among but a striking one was that his eyes were the color of the skies he explored. Darosi was shorter than average at 1.6 meters tall. He was never a strongman but it was noted that he became stronger over the course of his time on the Harani. Always included in depictions of him is his dark blue cloak that he was known for.

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