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Ryza Chavosi

Captain Ryza Chavosi

This cycle we were on a small island. Darosi had spent his time drawing the local plants in his notebook. Some of the crew members were looking for something to eat when I heard screaming.   They had angered some of the animals on the island. I saw a spear lodged in the one leading the charge. Darosi was oblivious to the entire situation and I had to pull him out of the way of the stampede.   That guy. I swear he lives in his own head. If I wasn't there he'd have died. And that isn't even including what happened three cycles ago. Let me tell you...   -Excerpt from Ryza's Travel Journal No. 2

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Ryza was always in good shape from physical activity. She was quick on her feet and could react very quickly to sudden danger. She was sick on a number of occasions, probably no more than anyone else but her history is well documented.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ryza's personal history is well known. During her travels people sought out her family, friends, and community members to write articles about her.   She was born in Darapur to a local merchant. Even as a child she had a special presence. She was the center of her group of friends who would go on daring adventures around the city. Walk the top of The Great Dam of Darapur, climb buildings, and even once steal a fisherman's boat.   Those who knew her said she lived on her own whims. She worked at her parents' shop and spent her earnings on fencing lessons. Her teacher did not want to teach her. Instead, he said he would if she could beat his best student. The student beat her. She returned a few cycles later and challenged the student again. The teacher said she had already lost but she caught him on his original language which did not preclude any rematch. She won the second time.   Despite being only 25 and a woman and never having officially served on a ship she was the one who became the captain of the first vessel sent to explore the skies. No one is certain why she was chosen. There has been much speculation on the subject but nothing has been proven.   During her voyage with Darosi she would become one of the most famous people not only in her home city but in nations all over. While Darosi would send back exquisite maps and knowledge of plants and animals, Ryza would send stories of their exploits. These stories inspired girls all over to pursue their own passions. Three generations later women now work in every industry, serve in government, and become great artists.   It was a peculiar time in history. Never before had such a dramatic cultural shift occured so quickly. Some resisted the change. This quickly became an unfavorable position to hold and many businesses that refused to change lost to competitors.


Ryza never attended any learning institution.


Social Aptitude

Ryza has always been outgoing and a natural leader.


The most common mannerism, as portrayed in fiction about her, is that when she talks she also gestures with her arms in an exaggerated fashion.

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