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Timekeeping adventure seekers.

To be human is to know that adventure is in your heart. That curiosity sends people all over, even to other islands. Adventure doesn't mean you need to go somewhere, adventure is wondering what happens when you cook with a new ingredient, what happens with new forging techniques, and who the people around you are.

The Body

Humans can be small or large, tall or short, stocky or slender. There are many things that make each human different from the others but the common traits are two legs, two arms with five-fingered hands, a torso, and a head.   Humans have little hair on their bodies except on the tops of their heads and under their arms. They have skin and eyes that come in a variety of colors as well as a large variety in the shape of the face and the features of the face.   If humans spend too much time in the unending light, their skin may start to turn red and peel. This is a trait that is not shared by the other species that inhabit the skies.

An Intimate Relationship with Time

"Some people say that humans spend more time thinking about how to spend time than actually using it."
Humans moreso than any other species have a unique relationship with the passage of time. Since the skies have no regular measurement of the passage of time on a scale smaller than seasons, most creatures live in the moment or think about time in the long term. Humans however possess a very accurate internal clock. This clock does not pass at exactly the same rate in every human though it does tend to be the same in communities and even outsiders adapt to the rate of the community they are staying in after some time.   This allows humans to set very specific times for events like meetings, task deadlines, battles, and more. While lizardfolk may never seem to be in a hurry to do anything - at least in the eyes of a human - humans often seem to be preoccupied with how they spend their time. The writings and visual art developed by humans also seem preoccupied with time, punctuality, and the immediate future.   Humans live for about sixty years but can live much longer a rare few even living to one-hundred or older - that is a long time for someone who is acutely aware of the passage of time.


Humans are born very small and require many years to develop effective motor skills and more still to develop high levels of cognition. Compared to aven and lizardfolk babies, this is a very slow process.   During their teenage years, humans develop quickly. They grow in height and in build while sex characteristics begin to develop. In many cultures it is later during this period when they become considered adults.

The History of Humanity

The origin of humans on the sky is unknown but they arrived on Breharan long ago when the Skyfarers ended their ancient nomadic lifestyle.   On the great sky continent of Breharan humans have played an important role - alongside avens - in the development of the various cultures and nations that live there. The river god Ceslovas is described as a human with the head of an aven.

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The Smorgasbord

Compared to lizardfolk who are carnivorous, humans have a more varied diet. Humans can safely eat foods from leafy greens to root vegetables, rodents to bovines and even - nonpoisonous - fungi. Despite the wide array of available foods it is tabboo in almost every culture to eat other humans or to eat avens or lizardfolk - even if lizardfolk are believed to have eaten some of the first humans to travel to their home continent.   This omniverous diet has allowed humans to increase greatly in population since the arrival of the Skyfarers on Breharan.

Game Statistics

Brawn 2; Agility 2; Intellect 2;
Cunning 2; Willpower 2; Presence 2
Wound Threshold: 10 + Brawn
Strain Threshold: 10 + Willpower
Starting XP: 100 XP
Special: Humans begin the game with one rank in Navigation. They still may not train Navigation above rank 2 during character creation.
Moment of Ingenuity: Once per session, a human may add bb to a check that they make.



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