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The first people to take flight.

We arrived at a fairly small but lush island. Flying was easy and the winds were with us. During our first outing onto it, I discovered some old pieces of what appears to be a harness while digging up plant samples. This could be it, the first evidence that the Skyfarers really did exist and travel from island to island.
I think about how difficult it must have been bringing only what a ketzlat could carry. I have the entire hold of the ship and sometimes I still miss some of the comforts of home.
-Excerpt from Darosi's Journal No. 1
Island Hopping

The Skyfarers traveled nomadically from one island to another atop the backs of their ketzlat. The limited range and supply upkeep of the flying mounts limited their range of travel. Unable to cross vast expanses of empty sky, the Skyfarers inhabited only a portion of what has since been explored with skyships. They would live on each island for a varying period of time related to the seasons there. When it would become too cold, they would move to a warmer region. Because the seasons are dictated by shifting winds, there are sometimes wildly different temperatures on islands that are relatively close together.

Cultural Influence

A great many legends, stories, plays, songs, and poems focus on the Skyfarers. A common theme of these stories is freedom and these stories are part of what fueled the beginning of the Time of Exploration, though more recent explorers have become the inspiration for the next generation. While the old tales of people flying on the backs of winged beasts are being told less in favor of more recent stories of exploration and discovery, this trend is only seen in the more urbanized areas of Breharan.

Did They Really Exist?

For a long time, the stories of the Skyfarers were assumed to be true. During the Time of Rebuilding scholars began to question the legitimacy of the tales. Non-existence became the predominant view of scholars for many hundreds of years, until - during the Time of Exploration - Darosi discovered some ancient clips and buckles sized for a ketzlat harness on an island that hadn't yet been explored by people from Breharan. After this, more small pieces of evidence have been found across a number of islands in the area. This, in addition to cultural research of the different peoples of Breharan indicating some common cultural heritage, has shifted the thoughts of modern scholars to believe that the Skyfarers were real.

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