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The island in the center of the sky.

I have spent a lot of time on the skies and in all that time I have never found an island quite like Breharan. Few others reach the size of it, fewer still reach the diversity of environments and seasons that Breharan enjoys. Only one - at least only one that we have found - has another group of diverse peoples. It truly makes me wonder. Surely the Skyfarers settled on more than just Breharan. Why are there not more peoples across the islands?
— Darosi, Excerpt from Journal No. 2

A Nexus of Winds

Located where many winds meet, Breharan is subject to varied seasons. Throughout the year, different winds are dominant creating different temperatures and bringing in clouds and storms from different directions. Due to the size of the continent, not all parts of it experience seasons in the same manner; the winters in Zinato are mild compared to those in the Orthlands.

The Nations of Breharan

There are many groups of people across Breharan and they have organized into a number of nations.   Zinato has been historically known as the river nation but since the beginning of the Time of Exploration it has become more famous for being the home of explorers.   Grara is a large and diverse nation made up of smaller counties bound together by the Charter of Lands and Trade. It is best known for its vast farmland.   Bral is seen by outsiders as a war-like nation - for good reason. It is a nation founded by military conquest and only ended its border conflict with Grara two decades ago. The nation is known for its Emperor, huge mountains, and the Skyknights.   Burim is a large nation but is mostly known for the city of the same name which stretches across the edge of Breharan.   Tamazee is mostly comprised of two large lakes and the small nation is known for shipbuilding.   The Orthlands is a large region inhabited by many different peoples, most of them nomadic. It is not an organized nation like the rest and has no central governing authority though the people there have banded together in the past to beat back the Graran Expeditionary Force.

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  • Breharan
    A (rough) map of Breharan.

Map's Middle

Breharan is sometimes refered to in this new era of exploration and expansion as the center of the sky or the middle of the map. This is not entirely accurate as the actual navigational center is the Cynosure Stone which is located off the coast of the island.   Culturaly however, it is the center of the sky - at least to those who live there. Now with colonies on surrounding islands it is the hub of trade, travel, and commerce for that small collection of islands.

A Sky Continent

There are many islands in the sky but few could be called a sky continent. The only two known islands vast enough to be called continents are Breharan and Kestatol - the home of the lizardfolk.   Size is not the only feature that differentiates a continent from an island. The size of a continent means it is likely to be affected by more winds and therefore develops a more diverse climate. A blended geography is also far less likely on a smaller island. While Breharan possesses huge lakes, great mountians, raging rivers, wild woods, and wide-open plains many other islands only have space to accomodate one or maybe two of these regions.

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