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The land of rivers.

Water is crucial for every people but here in Zinato it is a way of life. The massive stones of the Great Dam traveled all the way down the River of Life, waterwheels run massive saws, and the Drifters spend their time on the flowing waters or along the banks.   The art and music here is about rivers or imitates them. The beliefs and myths are about them. For much of the past, no one could control the rivers and therefore no one had more power than anyone else which is reflected in stories of equality and of course in the Promise.
— Belira, The Land of Rivers

A Land of Equals

While it has not always been this way, Zinato is a place where everyone is equal. This doesn't mean that everyone is the same or that everyone should be treated the same way but that everyone deserves respect. In Darapur - the largest community in Zinato and a city-state - it is enshrined in their law that everyone will recieve the same treatment under the law regardless of race, appearance, wealth, occupation, beliefs, sexual or romantic orientation, gender identity, and so on. This law is a direct byproduct of the diverse group of people that wrote the founding documents of the city.

Drawing Lines

The history of Zinato is long, it is beleived that when the Skyfarers first settled on Breharan that they chose clean waters, plentiful wildfire, and mild winters.   Compared to this history, the political and cartographic lines that define Zinato are quite new having only been established near the end of the time of rebuilding - 32nd of Autumn 40BTE. The push to establish legitimate borders came from the expansion of Burim. Now Zinato officially stretches from the mountains to the treeline where it shares borders with both Burim and Tamazee.

To Stay and to Go

Unique among the inhabitants of Zinato, the drifters spend their seasons rafting along the rivers, living to their own whims and fancies. Some people are born drifters and many join them but few are ever drifters for their entire lives.

More Than a River

Zinato is the land of rivers and life there is centered on them. They flow from the mountains for much of the year but can dry up during the hottest summers. Veisapur - the river of life - is the longest and largest, the river to which other rivers flow.   While rivers come to mind when people think of Zinato, the forests are as important to the peoples that live there as are the mountains. The resources that come from these regions have been essential in the construction of the largest cities in Zinato, Darapur and Soksu, access to virtually unlimited lumber and stone has been a great boon - though stone is still expensive.

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The Promise

One of the most important events in the cultural development of Breharan is when two people - a human, Jarmish, and a aven, Erlik - had an encounter that changed the course of history.
The homes of Darapur have been decorated in different ways over the years. Back during the founding of the city the most popular decorations were old tools and used wagon wheels showing the transition from a more traditional lifestyle to that of a city. Those items held as a reminder of the lives they used to live.   Not the next generation but the one after no longer favoured these rustic items, having never been a part of their lives. Now in full city decoration they prefered items of gaudy craftsmanship like pottery, ornate hangings, and colorful imported rugs.
  With the launch of the Harani and the journals of Darosi and other explorers that took to the skies, maps became the most popular items to hang on the walls of a home. The walls of every home.
— Forian, The Darapur Style


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